Lucy’s, McFly’s Bird Shoppe, Crestline Bagel received 95 and above food service scores in February

Birmingham AL
Lucy Bonds, owner of Lucy’s Coffee and Tea. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

Several Birmingham area food service establishments, including Lucy’s Coffee & Tea on University Boulevard, Five Points South’s McFly’s Bird Shoppe, and Mountain Brook’s Crestline Bagel received 95 and above on their health inspection scores in February 2020.

As a public service, Bham Now publishes monthly Jefferson County Department of Health restaurant inspection scores and profiles local establishments that received A+ scores in the past month.

How are the inspections conducted?

Birmingham, Jefferson County Department of Health
Jefferson County Department of Health. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

The food service inspection scores are updated regularly on the Jefferson County Department of Health website. In this food service inspection edition, the scores were received after February.

Lucy’s Coffee and Tea – 100

Birmingham AL
Lucy’s not just the owner. She’s there to make sure her customers’ coffee is just right!

More than 26 years ago, Lucy’s opened one of Birmingham’s first coffee shops in the UAB business district.  Who can ever forget the moment, now 12 years ago, when Starbucks tried to open right beside Lucy’s on University Blvd.? The entire community rallied by her side. We all love the food and coffee, but most all Birmingham loves Lucy Bonds’ smile and  generous spirit.

McFly’s Bird Shoppe – 96

Screen Shot 2020 03 02 at 4.28.20 PM Lucy's, McFly's Bird Shoppe, Crestline Bagel received 95 and above food service scores in February

Located in the heart of Five Points South, McFly’s is a wonderful addition to Birmingham funkiest entertainment district. McFly’s Bird Shoppe offers all sorts of tenders, including chicken, turkey and vegan tenders (that sounds interesting) with crazy good signature sauces like Bloody Mary Ketchup, Queso and Nashville Hot Mayo and sides including tater tots and french fries. You can add flavors to those tots and fries, too.

Crestline Bagel Company in Mountain Brook – 95

Crestline Bagel Company
Jennifer and Ralph Yarbrough owners of Crestline Bagel Company, Photo by Pat Byington

No surprise here – named Crestline Bagel one of the 50 Best Bagel Shops in America in 2018.

We still remember interviewing owners Jennifer and Ralph Yarbrough about their bagels.  They love their customers . We also love to see them grow! The Yarbrough’s have opened up shops in Cahaba Heights and Innovation Depot in the past 2 years.


Additional places scoring 95 and above:

Spoon and Ladle Soup Company – 97
Fried Green Tomatoes – 97
Falafel Cafe – 97
Pasquales Pizza in Gardendale – 98
Galley and Garden – 95
Green Acres Cafe – 98
Sandellas Flatbread Company – 100
Tienda Mi Ranchito – 98


Visit Jefferson County Department of Health’s Food Service website for the latest scores. These food service inspections are invaluable and help keep us all safe. It is our “right to know.”

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