Birmingham native one of the youngest male singers to make it on “The Voice”

Levi Watkins
Could you sing in front of a national audience at only 14-years-old? Photo via The Voice’s Youtube.

Has Blake Shelton ever commended your singing voice? Birmingham native Levi Watkins can officially say he received that compliment as he advances to the second round on NBC’s “The Voice.” Catch him on Mondays at 8/7C.

He’s only 14-years-old.

 At only 14 years old, Levi Watkins has already made a big impression on country superstar Blake Shelton. 

“When you guys didn’t turn around it was the worst move of your whole Voice careers.” 

Blake Shelton to the three other Voice Judges—Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Nick Jonas— who passed on Levi Watkins

Levi performed “Hey Soul Sister” by Train (my favorite song when I was in elementary school.) Not only did he wow the judge with his voice, but he also rocked out on the mandolin. 

Blake Shelton isn’t the only one happy to see Levi move forward.

This 14-year-old already has fans y’all. Not to mention the biggest fan of all, Bham Now!

His family is a big part of the Birmingham community.

Levi might be on track to going international, but you probably already know about the Birmingham Watkins family. In addition to owning a business in town, they are pretty involved in our community.

They own your favorite popsicle shop.

Levi’s dad, Jim Watkins, is the founder of Steel City Pops. I can honestly say I live off these popsicles in the summer. Between all the different flavors like avocado and strawberry, you can basically make a balanced meal out of it.

The Watkins are members of The Church at Brook Hills.

If you’re like me, you treated singing in your church’s choir as your own personal singing competition. I guess the difference between Levi and me is he actually is in a national competition and I couldn’t even get a solo at church.

His talent is supported by a local music store.

Great Birmingham talent comes from great Birmingham teachers. We got all the feels from this post by Homewood School of Music, where Levi takes guitar lessons with instructor Allen Barlow.

I also have to add he’s playing “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” by John Mayer which is my JAM. We have no choice but to stan.

How does “The Voice” work?

This is not “American Idol” people. This show, now on its 18th season, works its way through the season in five different stages.

I’ll break it down for you, but honestly, it gets a little complicated so I’ll link you to an article where you can refer back.

There are five rounds total.

  • Blind Auditions: It’s in the name. The coaches turn around and listen to the performer without actually ever seeing them before they decide if they want the person on their team.
  • Battle Rounds: The coaches pit two of their own team members against each other for a duet.
  • Knockouts: Teams are narrowed down and players face off against each other, but this time they choose different songs to perform.
  • Playoffs:  Players chooses their own song and perform individually.
  •  Live Performance Shows: This is where American gets involved. The final 12 contestants compete against each other every week until a winner emerges.

Where he’s headed next

Auditions are over and Levi is moving on up to the Battle Rounds. Sounds kinda scary, but we know he’s going to crush it. Make sure to follow Levi on Twitter and Instagram and give him a shoutout when you’re watching.

Are you a fan of “The Voice?” Let us know if you’ll be watching Levi on social @bhamnow!

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