Calling all Marvel fans. Wakanda is coming to the Birmingham Museum of Art on Friday, Feb. 7

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Wakanda’s coming to Birmingham. Photo via Birmingham Museum of Art.

Black Panther is arguably my favorite Marvel movie although Iron Man will always have a special place in my heart (R.I.P). On February 7 from 5- 9 PM, you can take a trip to Wakanda during the Birmingham Museum of Art’s free Art After 5 event. We’ve got all the deets!

A Night in Wakanda

I apologize in advance because I’m about to drop a lot of references to the iconic Marvel movie. This free Black Panther-inspired event kicks off the new season of Art After 5 at the BMA so fire up your invisible airship and head downtown for this unique event.

I need Angela Bassett’s skincare routine asap. Photo via Comic Book Movie.

Just be prepared because you’ll be immersed in Wakandan vibes. During the event, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Create a custom piece of Vibranium jewelry.
  • Make your very own textile inspired by African Adinkra cloth.
  • Head over to the photo booth for an Insta-worthy picture even Shuri couldn’t beat.

DJ Dolly will be on the ones and twos to set the mood. Just like the movie’s amazing soundtrack, you can groove to some Afro-futuristic sounds, a genre on the rise.

Sip from a Heart of Wakanda specialty cocktail. Maybe you’ll gain the powers of the Black Panther himself. If not, it’s just a good excuse to enjoy a unique drink.

Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without the screening of Black Panther. There will be two different locations in the museum where you can watch the movie. Wakanda Forever!

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