Leap Year Art Bash, Birmingham’s most eccentric party, Feb. 29 at Sloss Docks

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Leisa Cole portrait at Art Bash
Portraits by award-winning, Liesa Cole, at the Art Bash. Photo via Magic City Art Connection.

Let’s begin the decade by being a little extra or out of the box. Immerse yourself in a one-night-only party at Eccentricities: A Leap Year Art Bash on February 29, 2020 from 7 PM to 10 PM. This art-filled experience will encourage you to take that much-needed leap.

What is the Art Bash?

Eccentricities: A Leap Year Art Bash is the brainchild of the Magic City Art Connection. The Art Bash benefit series reinvents spaces around Birmingham into a unique one-night only party. It’s a chance to celebrate edgy, progressive art in the Magic City.

Since 2020 is a leap year, Art Bash gives you an excuse to party one extra day. Pull out that outfit (the one with sequins) you’ve been holding for a special night and dive headfirst into this unique contemporary art festival.

What you can expect at this year’s Art Bash.

2015’s paper forest art installation was a hit. Photo via Magic City Art Connection.

This leap year’s Art Bash will have a silent auction where you can get the chance to bid on works of art from festival exhibitors, local artists, and collectors. If you needed to jazz up your living space, here’s the chance to get a one-of-a-kind piece.

Get ready for your Instagram to pop off. Periodt! Award-winning photographer, Liesa Cole, will be taking photography portraits for her 12th collaboration with Art Bash. May I just say that these guest portraits are no joke! Her work is highly coveted and Liesa finds a way to bring out your magic in every photo. Just take a look for yourself. 

  • Veronique Vanblaere at Magic City Art Connection Art Bash
  • April Benetollo at Magic City Art Connection's Art Bash
  • Magic City Connection Art Bash

If you’ve seen and envied photos of Refinery29’s 29 Rooms project, Eccentricities has your name written all over it. The Art Bash will feature unique, interactive installations and spaces created by local artists. Yet another opportunity to spice up that Instagram page.

John & Katie Gaiser will DJ and they also happen to be married. Talk about goals! Photo provided by Magic City Art Connection.

What’s a party without some tunes, dancefloor and food? Trick question! It isn’t a party without these three elements but Eccentricities checks all the boxes. There’ll be culinary bites from Birmingham chefs and restaurants, music by Katie and John Gaiser, and DJ Johnny on the ones and twos.

What to wear

Eccentricities is the perfect excuse to get out of your comfort zone. Rock those boots you’ve been dying to wear. Dress up as a space cowgirl—hey, hey Kacey Musgraves. Wear those ripped pants your grandma thinks you put through the blender. Why not?

It’s encouraged to dress up. Whether it’s eccentric, unique, modern, cool, avant-garde or just plain bizarre, now is the time to show off what yo mama gave ya!

Need some inspo? Make sure to check out Magic City Art Connection’s Instagram.

Here are the deets.

Get ready for a party that happens once every 4 years! Photo via Magic City Art Connection.

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