Update: Birmingham resident, Sydney Hightower, a front-runner on “The Bachelor”

sydney hightower
Sydney deserves a trophy just for making it through the first rose ceremony, which starts at night and leads into the morning hours. Photo via Refinery29, courtesy of ABC.

By now, you’ve heard Syndey Hightower, Birmingham resident, is on ABC’s insanely popular reality TV show, “The Bachelor.” Now, take a look at how she’s doing after making it through three rose ceremonies.

Week four, and the contest has whittled down from 30 to 16 girls


It’s true, Syndey made is past the first rose ceremony and two more after that, so far. We love that her first words out of the limo gave Alabama a shoutout too.

Oh, not to mention Peter loved her dress. For a guy who spends most of his time in a pilot’s uniform, he has good taste— it was stunning. Sydney wanna swap closets by any chance? But really, if you love Sydney’s clothes she has an Instagram highlight for where you can buy them, because we love a girl who shares her style secrets *insert clap emojis here*.

Between playing a mini round of mini-golf on her first night, and being on several group dates it’s safe to say Sydney isn’t going unnoticed. Although quiet in the beginning, she’s has quickly risen the ranks and is ready for battle, or at least a football game.


You know the competition is serious when a University of Alabama alumna unites with an Auburn one. Madison Prewitt is another contestant from Alabama and even though they’re dating the same guy and are from rival schools, we’re happy to see football can bring anyone together.

Yep, she’s got Peter’s attention

sydney hightower
I’ve definitely listed the best places in the Bachelor Mansion to have a one-on-one talk and the fireplace ranks #1.Photo via Bustle.com, courtesy of ABC.

She’s not just hanging around the background, Sydney caught Peter’s eye pretty early on. She’s not only been on several group dates, but she also received a group date rose—TWICE, in addition to a kiss from Peter.

For my bachelor novices:

A group date rose is a BIG deal in the Bachelor world. When you go on a group date with sometimes up to 13 other girls, it’s hard to stand out. However, at the end of each date, one girl gets a rose ahead of the official ceremony letting her know she made the best impression on the bachelor.

An even bigger deal that she received the group date rose? Peter gave it to her both times because she spoke out and had an honest conversation.

What’s next for Sydney?

She’s not in LA anymore, the Bachelor girls headed to….Cleaveland. I’m not really sure why the producers wouldn’t choose Birmingham, but if they did we’d be the best people to show the group an amazing time.

Even though Syndey hasn’t had a chance for a one-on-one date yet, we’ve got some suspicions we’ll see her score one abroad in the coming weeks. In the meantime, Sydney keeps shining on the group dates.

While week four ended on a cliffhanger, we’re confident in telling you Syndey will be safe for another week. Rumor has it, we’ll be watching Syndey battling it out for Peter’s heart in another country very soon…

You can keep up with Syndey’s journey and catch her at some of our favorite Birmingham spots on Twitter and Instagram.

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