5 Alabama fashion designers’ clothes you can find in Birmingham.

zkano socks
Did you know Zkano Socks makes all of its products in Alabama? Photo via Zkano Socks’ Facebook.

Alabama isn’t known as the fashion capital of the world—at least, not yet. So many of your favorite brands made right here in Alabama, and many are designed or constructed in Birmingham.

1.Zkano Socks

zkano socks an alabama fashion brand
Life would be nothing without a pair of fun socks. Photo via Zkano Socks’ Facebook.

Does anyone else lift up their pant leg to anyone that looks in your direction and say, “Look at my socks!” when you have a fun pair on? More than likely, you’re probably doing this when you’re wearing Zkano Socks.

Gina Locklear bases the company out of her hometown, Fort Payne, AL—the former “Sock Capital of the World.” Each sock is made from start to finish at the Fort Payne mill.

2. Cheri Fashion

Cheri fashion show
How gorgeous are these dresses at NYC Fashion Week? You can get one like it custom made. Photo via Cheri Fashion’s Facebook.

Tiffanie Williamson independently founded her fashion company in Birmingham and currently operates out of the city. If you hadn’t heard of her up until now, Tiffanie definitely needs to be on your radar. She’s showed at New York Fashion week and aspires to eventually open her own shop in Mountain Brook.

  • Try looking here in Birmingham: Purchase custom orders, dm, pay via PayPal through email
  • Visit: Check out her website to see her work.
  • Instagram | Facebook

3. Billy Reid

Alabama fashion brand billy ried
Like this design? Check out Billy Ried’s new store in Pepper Place. Photo via Billy Reid’s Facebook.

Although originally from Lousiana, Billy Reid makes all his clothes in Florence, AL. If you’re unaware of the luxury-brand, you’ve probably seen more people around Birmingham wear it than you realize.

That number went up when he opened a store in Pepper Place last fall. With stores all across the country, we’re happy to have a piece of him here in Birmingham.

4. Heidi Elnora

heidi elnora
People across the world have heard about Heidi Elnora, but we love how she’s never forgotten about Birmingham. Photo via Heidi Elnora’s Facebook.

Not only is Heidi Elnora an Alabama native, but she is also the founder and creative director of Birmingham Fashion Week and Camp Fashionista. There are one zillion places you’ve seen Heidi Elnora and her dresses from the TLC show “Bride by Design” to the New York Times.

But— her Atelier on Morris Avenue is what most catches our eye. Could there be a more iconic street in Birmingham for such an Alabama-based brand?

5. YellowHammer Creative

Alabama fashion brand yellowhammer creative
With two locations in Birmingham, there’s no excuse to not go grab some Bham gear. Photo via YellowHammer Creative’s Facebook.

90% of my conversations with someone when I see a cool Birmingham shirt is, “Where did you get that shirt?” “YellowHammer Creative.” Its products are designed AND printed in Birmingham by designers Brett Forsyth and Brandon Watkin.

  • Visit: 1821 2nd Ave N #3112, Birmingham, AL 35203 | 2829 2nd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233
  • Hours: Pizitz: 11AM-8PM Mon-Sat, 12PM-6PM Sun | Pepper Place: 10AM-6PM Mon-Fri, 10AM-4PM Sat
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email

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