Celebrate National Hot Toddy Day at these 7 Birmingham bars

IMG 0213 2 scaled Celebrate National Hot Toddy Day at these 7 Birmingham bars
The hot toddy at The Louis Bar. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

January 11 is National Hot Toddy Day, Birmingham. Celebrate this delicious hot beverage today at these seven Birmingham bars.

What’s in a Hot Toddy?

Most hot toddy experts agree that the spicy beverage originated in the British Isles in the 1700s. Some believe that hot toddies were developed to make the taste of whiskey more palatable, while others think they were designed to help with a cold sickness. Either way, we’re glad–because hot toddies are delicious.

The drink is usually made with honey, lemon, hot water and a spirit of your choice (usually whiskey, brandy or rum). However, some people like theirs with tea and cinnamon as well. It’s really up to the drinker.

1. The Collins Bar

hot toddy
The iconic Collins sign. Photo via The Collins Bar on Facebook

If you look at a menu at The Collins Bar, you won’t find any cocktails. That’s because they tailor make each cocktail to fit a customer’s tastes.

So if you’re looking for a Hot Toddy, The Collins is a great place to start. They offer the classic Hot Toddy, but are open to change it up depending on your preferences.

  • Location: 2125 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Hours: 4PM-12AM Monday-Thursday | 4PM–2AM Friday-Saturday | 6PM–12AM Sunday
  • Contact: 205.323.7995 | Facebook | Instagram

2. Queen’s Park

hot toddy
The Queen’s Park hot toddy uses either cognac or bourbon. Photo courtesy of Queen’s Park.

As a classic cocktail bar, the Queen’s Park hot toddy is as close to the original published recipe as their mixologist has been able to find. Since Queen’s Park is passionate about bees and the environment, their hot toddy uses locally sourced honey from right here in Birmingham!

  • Location: 112 24th St N #102, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Hours: 4PM–2AM Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday | 4PM-2AM Friday-Saturday | Closed Monday
  • Contact: Facebook | Instagram

3. Brennan’s Irish Pub

hot toddy
This hot toddy is topped off with Irish Black Tea. Photo courtesy of Brennan’s Irish Pub

The hot toddy at Brennan’s Irish Pub is crafted with house made honey simple syrup and Tullamore DEW Irish whiskey (they are an Irish pub, after all!) In addition, they offer a hot toddy made with Barry’s Irish Black Tea.

  • Location: 1108 20th St S, Birmingham, AL 35205
  • Hours: 11AM–1AM Sunday-Thursday | 11AM–2AM Friday-Saturday
  • Contact: 205.777.3089 | Facebook | Instagram

4. Cayo Coco Rum Bar & Restaurant

Cayo Coco offers two variations of the hot toddy. First up is the Rum Toddy, made with double aged Plantation Dark Rum, Fresh Lemon and Black Mission Fig Honey.

Their second variation is the Hot Zombie–a staff favorite made with three unique rums, fresh lime, pineapple, and Ceylon cinnamon. The Hot Zombie is delectable and drinks like a citrusy hot tea.

5. Paper Doll

Hot toddy
A mixologist at Paper Doll hard at work. Photo via Paper Doll on Facebook

Paper Doll‘s Nor’Easter Toddy uses Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Laird’s Apple Brandy, Black Walnut Bitters and Nor’Easter Syrup. The Nor’Easter Syrup is made in-house with a super-secret recipe!

  • Location: 2320 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Hours: 4PM–12AM Saturday, Monday-Wednesday | 4PM–2AM Thursday-Friday | Closed Sunday
  • Contact: 205.283.6391 | Facebook | Instagram

6. Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar

Follow the small alley between Founder’s Station and The Essential and you will find Pilcrow, a full craft cocktail bar specializing in agave spirits. Instead of honey, Pilcrow sweetens their hot toddy with cardamom and ginger syrup.

  • Location: 2015 1st Ave N #1e, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Hours: 4PM–12AM Monday-Thursday | 4PM–2AM Friday-Saturday | Closed Sunday
  • Contact: 205.502.7600 | Facebook | Instagram

7. The Louis Bar

IMG 0204 scaled Celebrate National Hot Toddy Day at these 7 Birmingham bars
The hot toddy at The Louis is made with Buffalo Trace. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

The Louis Bar at The Pizitz takes Buffalo Trace, fresh squeezed lemon juice, raw honey and boiled water. Then it is gently stirred with a cinnamon stick until balanced out. Yum!

  • Location: 1821 2nd Ave N Suite 194, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Hours: 11AM–9PM Monday-Wednesday | 11AM–10PM Thursday-Saturday | 12PM–8PM Sunday
  • Contact: 205.730.9002

Happy National Hot Toddy Day, Birmingham. Where will you go to grab one? Tag us @bhamnow and let us know!

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