Your guide to throwing a 1920’s New Year’s Eve party in Birmingham

A New Year's Eve party in Birmingham.
Can you swing dance to Lizzo? Photo via The Marble Ring’s Facebook.

Expectations run high for New Year’s Eve and if you’re throwing a party the pressure is really on. When your theme relies on a time where fringe made a major shift from cowboys to socialites, there’s a lot to live up to. Check out our suggestions for hosting a roaring 20’s NYE party in Birmingham.

Decorate like Daisy Buchanan is coming to your NYE party.

Decorations for 1920's NYE party in Birmingham
Dig out some white beads from Mardis Gras and throw a few candles around the room—your job is done. Photo via Pinterest.

Your house might not look as elaborate as Gatsby’s, but we have some tips to turn it into a speakeasy he would definitely frequent. Check out our thrift and vintage stores to DIY a few decorations for your New Year’s Eve party in Birmingham.

  • Vintage candlesticks
  • Feathers in glass vases
  • TONS of sparkly foil fringe curtains
  • Strings of fake pearls
  • Twinkle lights
  • Vintage cocktail glasses

I suggest checking out Urban Suburban Antiques in Crestwood for beautiful glassware and Sozo’s Trading Co. for vintage candlesticks

Drinks so good they were illegal.

Drink from Collin's Bar for a New Year's Eve party in Birmingham
Honestly just throw some mint on top of your drink and everyone will think it’s 10 times classier. Photo via The Collin’s Bar Facebook.

No matter what decade you’re celebrating, something bubbly is always on the drink menu for a New Year’s Eve party in Birmingham. However, if you’re trying to drink like there’s a law against it (not talking about you folks under 21, because there definitely is a law against that), consider a classic like these:

  • Gin Ricky—gin, lime and carbonated water. You can’t mess it up.
  • Old Fashioned—I pretty much only order one of these at The Collin’s Bar.
  • Sidecar—test it out in our city’s very own speakeasy, The Marble Ring
  • Highball—Consult the experts at LeNell’s Beverage Boutique if you’re a cocktail novice like me.
  • Bee’s Knees—try the Chase Lewis at the Atomic Lounge .

You’ll find plenty of cocktail inspiration from bars around Birmingham, so you can put your own twist on it. Once everyone is a drink or two in it’s okay if your bartending skills become a little lax.

Two words: charcuterie board.

charcuterie board for New Year's Eve party in Birmingham
This definitely doesn’t stand up to the elaborate ones I saw on my social media throughout the holiday season, but in my defense I only had a very tiny board. Photo via Irene Richardson for Bham Now.

Don’t say this around me, because I’ll show you the 30 pictures I took of the one I made for my last NYE party. Lucky for you I only have space for one. Here’s a few ingredients you may want to include on your own:

  • Meat: Look to salami, ham, sausages and prosciutto.
  • Crackers: Pictured above are Ritz, but you can go a little ritzier with Carr’s Water Crackers.
  • Olives: These are also perfect for the martinis you’ll be serving.
  • Nuts: I like almonds and pistachios.
  • Fruit: Either fresh or dried fruit works.
  • Spreads: Use spicy mustards for the meats and jam for the crackers.
  • Cheese: I suggest something a little classier than Kraft Singles, but I’m not here to judge your board.

I made mine from from my neighborhood Piggly Wiggly and it was perfect. However, I also recommend checking out FarmStand by Stone Hollow Farmstead, because its cheese selection is off the charts.

Dress like a Fitzgerald character at your NYE party.

Listen, going out in the winter is hard enough when you have to decide between burning up in a crowded bar or freezing while you wait in line. Now this year for your NYE party the outfits need to be sparkly AND on theme. Quit entering your credit card into Amazon and check out these local shops instead:

  • Zoe’s Vintage in Forest Park has an entire area sectioned and accessories out for your flapper needs. Not to mention it’s pretty hard NOT to find sequins in that store.
  • Trxi Vintage‘s booth in Dreamers Supply Co. currently has a rack full of glittery beauties you’ll wear on New Year’s Eve and beyond.
  • You already know What’s On Second has something in that magnificent hodgepodge of goods – whether it’s suspenders or an old camera actually from the 1920s.

What did we leave out? Let us know on social @bhamnow!

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