We went inside The Woolworth’s new lounge and WOW! Get ready to have your next event here. [Photos]


The Woolworth's new lounge.
This ain’t anything like your college dorm’s lounge. Photo via Bham Now.

Cozy pink chairs, big leather couches and bubbly drinks delivered right to your table—you’re not dreaming, but the Woolworth’s redesigned dining room certainly makes you feel like it. The rooftop bar/arcade combo just made social hour a whole lot more Instagram worthy with its new lounge.

Take a peek at the renovation and learn how you can book your next event in The Woolworth’s new lounge.

Things got more millennial, from hip diner vibes to chic lounge.

Birmingham, The Woolworth
Before the updates, we got the casual coolness of a modern diner. Don’t worry, the iconic neon Woolworth sign stayed! Photo via Wade Cline for Bham Now

When The Woolworth opened last year, everyone loved how it had it all. It even has things we didn’t know we needed like duckpin bowling. The bar continues to stay ahead of the trends and leaves us making mental interior design notes with its new lounge.

Pictured above is what the diner originally looked like. You can see how the two styles started to cross over here via The Woolworth’s Facebook:

“We host a lot of corporate events, businesses, engagement and birthday parties. A lot of people are looking for something more low key and different. This space is great for vibes like that”

Annie Mouyal from The Woolworth team

If you want to have a casual, versatile setting that’s still professional the lounge is perfect. You can hear your coworkers or guests without yelling over a loud bar, but the venue is far from stuffy. December if fully booked, but fill out a form here when you want to take that corporate event out of office!

The redesigned room creates the perfect place to host your next event.

Back of The Woolworth
The back of the bar is a ton of fun, but when it comes to hosting events the lounge at the front is a much more intimate space. Photo via Bham Now.

The goal of The Woolworth’s new lounge is to bring people to the front and build a community feel. In addition, the cozy lighting and comfortable seating creates more opportunity to start a conversation.

Although the lounge is nearly complete, all final touches will be complete by early January. One of these includes a custom fabricated drapery wall to close off the lounge for private parties.

“It’s a little more intimate up here. On a Saturday night when it’s loud and crazy in the back you can come up here for a more relaxing, quieter setting”

Brendon Kotulak from The Woolworth team
Drink at The Woolworth
Insert heart eyes emoji. You still have a chance to try the seasonal drinks before The Woolworth releases a new menu. Photo via The Woolworth’s Facebook.

Another finishing touch we can expect come January is a new food and drink menu. It will fit the community theme of the lounge and include tapas style dishes . There’s a possibility to expect finger food in the form of Barcelona bread and charcuterie.

The Woolworth is also saying goodbye to holiday specials and focusing more on craft drinks starting in the new year. If you look toward the back of the lounge you can spot a beautiful credenza for wine—which Brendon says they aim to add more options of to its drink menu.

Local businesses play their part in the Woolworth’s new lounge.

Harper James Design


Former west coast native, but current Birmingham resident Michelle Chandler definitely brought her California eclectic aesthetic into the space. With all the amazing growth happening in the city, she wanted the new lounge to standout.

“As far as the Woolworth goes, the new lounge space is warm and layered. It has more elements going on that, on their own wouldn’t fit, but together they work.”

Michelle Chandler

The Woolworth has a lot of hard surfaces throughout, as you can see from the previous diner. In order to achieve that true lounge-y feel it had to be luxurious in a modern, masculine way.

The space is slightly separate from the rest of the establishment. However, you can still find cohesive elements in the redesign that play into the vintage aesthetics we see throughout The Woolworth.

“The new design makes it a little more human, there’s more human connection.”

Michelle Chandler from Harper James Design

“I really like a mix of masculine and feminine, old and new, it was fun to play off the bright pink neon logo they have”

Michelle Chandler

If you are in the mood to day dream about redesigning your entire life, check out Harper James Design on Facebook and Instagram. However, for those of us who can go beyond daydreaming, shoot her an email to set up a consultation.


Neon sign at Botanica Bhm
Upon further consideration, I’ve decided to move into Botanica’s shop and live on its couch. Photo via Botanica’s Instagram.

Businesses with cool neon signs in their space must run together, because you can spot huge birds of paradise from Botanica in The Woolworth’s new lounge. But, if you’re plant ignorant like me, I included what birds of paradise look like below.

Michelle called on her friend Caitlin Hastings, the genius behind one of our favorite houseplant shops, to add some greenery into the space. The birds of paradise help accent the big long window in the lounge.

So,what are you waiting for? Go check out The Woolworth’s new space now at 1006 20th St S. Don’t forget to book your next event here or call 205-518-6311.

Visit The Woolworth for yourself at these times:

  • Monday-Thursday from 4PM – 11PM
  • Friday from 4PM-12AM
  • Saturday from 11AM-12AM
  • Sunday from 11AM – 10PM.

What’s your favorite part about the new lounge? Let us know on social @bhamnow!

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