Here’s a peek at “Collection,” a movie filmed in Highland Park!

A shot of the movie filmed in Birmingham.
Highland Park is a hot spot for filmmakers this year ! Photo via Paris Topazi.

Don’t be surprised when you see a familiar Birmingham landscape in the background of an upcoming movie next year. The thriller—“Collection”— wrapped up filming around Niazuma Avenue this month.

Residents get the inside scoop

The inside of a bedroom set at the Murals on Niazuma.
I’m good with not staying in this room any time soon. Photo via Paris Topazi.

If you’re a resident at the Murals on Niazuma you may have been fighting for a parking space a few weeks ago.

Property manager Paris Topazi got an exclusive first look at the set of “Collection.” She assured me that residents seemed excited a movie was filming at their apartment complex.

High stakes and heartbreak filmed in Birmingham

A kitchen on the inside of the Murals on Niazuma.
You see those bills piling up? Looks like trouble to me. Photo via Paris Topazi.

It seems as though the Sundance film holds heavy emotions. According to IMDb, the thriller follows the story of a father dealing with loss, distress and manipulation. Now add to that mix the seedy underbelly of debt collection.

Why you should know the director

A couch on the set of "Collection".
Take a seat why don’t ya! Photo via Paris Topazi.

Mariana Palka definitely needs to be on your radar. That is, if she isn’t already. The actress stars as Reggie Walsh in the Emmy-winning Netflix series “Glow.” She also directed and starred in multiple award-nominated Sundance films.

Here’s where you’ll recognize the cast

An old, orange car in the parking lot of the Murals on Niazuma.
I wonder which character in “Collection” holds the key to this car? Photo via Paris Topazi.
  • Alex Pettyfer is a model and actor who you might remember from the movies “Magic Mike” and “I am Number Four.”
  • Breeda Wool starred in the TV series “UnReal.” Like Mariana she also appears in the Netflix series “Glow.”
  • Mike Vogel plays sweet, attentive husband Johnny Foote in “The Help.” You can also find him in movies like “Cloverfield” and “She’s Out of My League.”

More than murals filmed in Birmingham

TVs stacked on top of each other.
Hey – that wall looks pretty familiar. Photo via Paris Topazi.

Birmingham is getting cozy with the movie industry. Several other films shot in the city this year! Keep your eye to the screen for upcoming movies like Devil All the Time and Line of Duty.

It’s just exciting all the new things that are going on in downtown Birmingham that wouldn’t have 10 years ago.”

Paris Topazi

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