7 reasons to go see Ghostbusters in Concert with the ASO Oct. 25, 7PM at Samford’s Wright Center. Use code GHOSTNOW for 25% off


The original Ghostbusters
The original Ghostbusters. Photo supplied

If you missed the 35th anniversary showing of Ghostbusters, never fear. You can check out the Alabama Symphony Orchestra’s Ghostbusters in Concert.

It’s at 7PM on October 25 at Samford’s Wright Center. Tickets range from $15-80. Use code GHOSTNOW and get 25% off your tickets here.

1. Watch the movie and hear a live ASO performance at Ghostbusters in Concert

Did you catch the 35th anniversary re-release of Ghostbusters on October 6 or 10? If you did, and you want to take your experience up a notch, why not head out for a two-for-one special? If you didn’t, never fear, the ASO’s got you covered.

At this show, you’ll see the Alabama Symphony Orchestra playing the original film score live while watching the full movie on the big screen.

How cool is that?

And, you could win a four pack of tickets, valued at $248, thanks to our friends at the ASO. To win, you’ll need to make sure you’re signed up for the very hilarious and highly informative Bham Now newsletter. Not signed up yet? No worries—you can do it here.

Then, look for details about how to opt-in to the giveaway in our newsletters on Monday, October 14 and Wednesday, October 16. We’ll announce the winners on Thursday, October 17.

2. Did you know Elmer Bernstein’s Ghostbusters score was nominated for a Grammy?

Yep. Most likely when you think of Ghostbusters, this song, by Ray Parker Jr. pops into your head. Even if you somehow never heard this song, you should totally watch the video for a pure 80s flashback.

That said, only two of the songs from Elmer Bernstein’s score made it onto the original soundtrack (back in the days before streaming music, these were CDs that were released after a movie . . . .).

In the run-up to the 35th anniversary re-release of the film, though, Sony Music Entertainment released the full film score. You can listen to it here to get in the mood for the show.

3. Ghostbusters was nominated for two Oscars and two Golden Globes—plus, it’s funny

Concertgoers are welcome to bring your proton pack and join the paranormal investigation! If you’ve got kids, do be sure to do your homework so you’ll know if it’s a good choice for them.

Know you wanna go? Who you gonna call? Use code GHOSTNOW and get 25% off your tickets here.

4. Peter Bernstein, son of Ghostbusters score composer Elmer Bernstein, remembers the synthesizers his dad used

Elmer Bernstein, composer of the Ghostbusters film score
Elmer Bernstein, 1922-2004

For those of you who weren’t around in the 80s, synthesizers were a big thing. They brought us all kinds of new sounds and new types of music. You’ll definitely hear them in the Ghostbusters score.

What I remember most about the score is the use of three Yamaha DX7 synthesizers. It was a brand new kind of synth, highly sought after and very hard to find.

Fortunately the local importer was a family friend and let me literally sneak one out the back door of his shop (where people who were probably much higher on the waiting list couldn’t see) and I drove it up to my father’s house where we went through all the sounds and decided what to use in the score.

Peter Bernstein, son of the late Elmer Bernstein

5. There’s a really cool instrument called an ondes Martenot that’s used to make eerie sounds in the Ghostbusters score

You may not think you’ve heard this early electronic instrument, but if you’ve ever heard the theme song to The Twilight Zone, you have. In fact, it’s hard to imagine the entire horror genre without this instrument and its sounds.

Peter Bernstein guessed that his dad may have learned about this instrument from his English orchestrator Christopher Palmer. He became such a fan of the eerie sounds it could make he used it in the films Heavy Metal, Ghostbusters, The Black Cauldron and My Left Foot.

There won’t be a live ondes Martenot, but the sounds will be programmed into a synthesizer, so you’ll be sure to hear it.

6. Even though you’ll be watching Ghostbusters, you’ll also get to see an incredible live music performance

Ghostbusters in Concert Guest Conductor Erik Ochsner
Guest Conductor Erik Ochsner. Photo by Ian Borgerhoff via Facebook

I had the chance to ask Guest Conductor Erik Ochsner what people should pay attention to, and here’s what he sIid:

I encourage audiences to watch the film, but don’t ignore that all of the music is being performed live (except that ondes Martenot part!) by the professional musicians there on the stage. 

We love to feel and hear the energy from the audience as we perform, so we always invite them to clap, or laugh, or boo if they feel like it. 

Some of the movie is so over the top, and we’re there to support that drama! 

I hope we’ll see the audience smiling, and I hope you’ll see the orchestra having fun, too!  I especially like the parts when the pipe organ can be heard!

Guest Conductor Erik Ochsner

I should add that this isn’t Ochner’s first rodeo. He’s a pro at conducting live music in conjunction with movie showings (this is the 15th one he’s conducted), so I know it’ll be incredible to watch him in action, too.

7. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll certainly have a night to remember at Ghostbusters in Concert

Ghostbusters graphic
Who you gonna call? Photo supplied

I think what moves me the most is when we make people laugh or cry, or make them happy or sad.  Music is supposed to move people, and so I always strive to make the louds louder, and the softs softer because I believe that goosebumps and tears are not optional! 

When I hear that people were crying, or laughing, and enjoying these original scores—then we’ve succeeded. 

Guest Conductor Erik Ochner

Want to go? Use code GHOSTNOW to get 25% off tickets here.

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