4 fall drives bursting with color near Birmingham, including a “secret tunnel” in Trussville


Birmingham, drives, Driver's Way, fall, fall season fall drives
Fall in Birmingham, AL. Photo via @objectivityrach

Fall is in the air, which means crisp colorful leaves will be popping up all over Birmingham. If you’re wondering where to find the best fall colors, here are four drives around Birmingham that will make you swoon. 

1. Cherokee Road, Mountain Brook, AL

Birmingham, Driver's Way, drives, leaves, fall, fall season, fall drives
All the magnificent colors of fall. Photo via @objectivityrach

A drive through Mountain Brook?. Don’t mind if I do!

One of the best streets to take to fill your craving for fall foliage is Cherokee Road. This route will take you from Mountain Brook to Irondale and Trussville. 

Long hilly driveways shoot off on each side of Cherokee Road with large homes peeking out at the top of each between colorful leaves.

You’ll also pass the Mountain Brook Club’s golf course, which always has local golfers on the green taking part in a game. 

FYI, this is a must-know shortcut to get you off Highway 280 and out of rush hour traffic. Relief!

2. Trussville Clay Road/County Road 153, Trussville, AL

Birmingham, Driver's Way, drives, fall season, fall drives, Trussville
Trussville Clay Road in Trussville, AL. Photo via Patience Itson for Bham Now

Trussville Clay Road offers a sleek stretch of road with cool newly-built homes sporadically dotted along the way. But the best part of this street is its “secret tunnel.”

Suddenly, the edges of the road grow up around you with large boulders, while lush trees create a tunnel of brilliant foliage. In fall, this “secret tunnel” is saturated in yellows, oranges and reds that will make your insides explode in awe. 

3. Bailey Road SW/Rex Road, Leeds, AL

Birmingham, Driver's Way, drives, fall drives, leaves, fall season
Gorgeous yellows of autumn in Birmingham, AL. Photo via @objectivityrach

If you’re looking for a drive that will delight your soul this fall, you’ll love Bailey Road and Rex Road off 119 North via Highway 280. 

This is one of my all-time favorite drives, and I think if you venture upon it, it will be one of yours, too. 

Bailey Road SW pumps up your drive will set you on a narrow-pathed journey rich with twists, turns and brilliant fall colors. 

Along your path, you’ll see The Red Barn Equestrian Center set back from the road amidst a large gorgeous field. You’ll also roll over a short wooden-planked bridge that excuse a rustic, charming vibe.

At the end of Bailey Road SW, you’ll hit Rex Road, which will soothe your insides from your previous thrills due to its slower curves and beautiful leafy colors. 

4. Shades Crest Road, Hoover, AL

Birmingham, Driver's Way, fall drives, fall season, leaves, Hoover, Bluff Park, Tip Top Grill
The leaves are beginning to change colors at Tip Top Grill in Hoover. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Shades Crest Road that rolls along the bluffs of Hoover is a prime area for viewing fall foliage. One spot in particular is at Tip Top Grill. You’ll want to get out of your car for this one!

Located on the edge of the bluff (literally!), this spot provides an endless view of rolling hills steeped in glorious fall colors. 

Before You Head Out

Swing by Driver’s Way in Pelham and off Highway 280 in front of Lee Branch shopping center. They’ll help you find the perfect car for your fall foliage adventure. For more worthwhile fall drives near Birmingham, click here.  

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