DIY music is a growing craze in Birmingham. Here are some venues we found.

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Lady Legs at Club Duquette. Photo via Katie Layton for Bham Now.

We all know DIY Crafts but have you ever heard of DIY music? According to local experts,  it’s a growing craze.   Here are the venues we found.

What is DIY music?

DIY music is an artist or band not represented by large labels.  Usually underground or counterculture music.

In this article, discover the best secret spots for DIY music along with local and visiting artists.

I had the pleasure of interviewing local musician and artist Duquette Johnston and local business owner Dan Drinkard to get their perspective on the Birmingham music scene.

They gave us the scoop on the DIY music scene here in the Magic City.

These guys know their stuff!

Duquette is a solo performer and past member of Verbena and CutGrass. Drinkard is the owner of Seasick records and part-owner of Mom’s Basement. From talking to them both, I realized just how vast and alive music is in our community.

Local vinyl at Seasick Records Photo via Katie Layton for Bham Now

Most of us know of the Lyric Theatre, Alabama Theatre, and Iron City, but how often do you visit Mom’s Basement, Seasick Records, or Club Duquette for live music? Or even yet, a pop-up show at someone’s basement or the secret D.I.Y music hall, Spring Street Fire House.

According to Duquette and Drinkard here is their list of DIY and off-the-grid shows and how to stay in the know:

Club Duquette

This is Cedric Burnside performing at Club Duquette’s 2018 Holiday party. Burnside was nominated for a Grammy the night he performed at Club Duquette. Photo via Club Duquette on Instagram.

Better known as the good vibe boutique in Woodlawn.. This local boutique also throws free shows every other month.

Johnston told us,  music tears down walls and he wants people of all walks to enjoy music and this is why they host local and out of town musical artists of all backgrounds and sounds.

There are two upcoming shows but make sure to follow their Facebook events for further details.

  • November 15th, 2019 Kickoff party for the Moonstone Fest
  • December 6th, 2019 Holiday Party

Mom’s Basement

Living Room in Mom’s Basement. Photo via Mom’s Basement on Facebook.

Mom’s usually has four shows a month and two DJ nights. All shows are FREE!

Seasick Records

Perusing the vinyl at Seasick Records. Photo via Katie Layton for Bham Now

Seasick offers listening parties and free shows from local DIY and out-of-town bands. Seasick also has a local band section in the store, so scope it out and let us know what you think. I personally love going to shows here!

Seasick usually hosts two-four music events a month, so stay tuned to their Facebook events to learn more.

Bham Loft Shows

Loft Show Concert. Photo via Bham Loft Show on Facebook

Bham Loft Show isn’t a venue but is a monthly production designed to showcase local artists and music creators. There are usually anywhere from 1-3 shows a month with doors opening at 7 PM / $7 to get in.

Upcoming Show:
Location: Botanica
When: October 16, 2019 7 PM – 10 PM
Price: $7

Spring Street Fire House

The Burning Peppermints have performed at Fire House. Photo via Burning Peppermints on Facebook.

Fire House is known to throw a show any night of the week and typically has 3-5 shows a week. Cash or Card is accepted at the door – if you can find it.

I can’t tell you where it is but next time you are leaving MELT in Avondale, look around because you probably have it in sight.

Also, check out DIY Birmingham’s Facebook page for any upcoming DIY shows at Fire House and other venues.

Here are some other locations to check out for local bands and DIY shows are:

The Nick

Johnston and Drinkard both brought some great local musicians to my attention, here are a few! Who knows, maybe by following them you might get a chance to attend your first pop-up basement show. Do you know any of the artists below?

Holiday Gunfire
Sarah Lee Langford
Taylor Hollingsworth
Lee Bains III and Glory Fire
Love Moor

Tell us on social who else should make this list!  

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