Rocket making. Glowing slime. Apollo 11: First Steps. Don’t miss Storm McWane (Science Center) September 20-22. 

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Could space rock any harder? Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Hey space fans! Get ready for rockets, UFOs and more intergalactic fun during Storm McWane at McWane Science Center, Friday September 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22. Psst! Dress in your extraterrestrial best and score an amazing discount. Read on for details.

Get spacey at McWane Science Center. Photo via @evannicoleminas

During this space-filled weekend event, you’ll have the chance to check out the many activities and exhibits McWane Science Center has to offer. 

Did you know there are four floors, including World of Water, an entire level filled with aquatic animals, plus an IMAX Dome Theater? 

One of the most fun aspects of Storm McWane, however, is seeing all of the great space-themed costumes. 

I can almost guarantee you will see a troop of mini martians and at least two Spocs from Star Trek roaming around. 

Make It During Storm McWane

Explore and learn. Photo via McWane Science Center

When you Storm McWane on Saturday, September 21, you’ll have an exciting opportunity to take part in McWane Science Center’s maker movement during Make It Day. 

Alongside other local makers, discover a variety of programs that allow you to craft, build, invent, design and more.

Many of these programs are space-themed, too, so prepare to make something totally out of this world.

Here’s what’s offered on this special day:

Rocket Making

At this stellar program, you’ll learn how to launch a paper rocket “into space” using an empty two liter bottle and PVC pipe.   So leave the rocket fuel at home, y’all! I promise this launching system is much cooler.

Glow-in-the-dark Slime

Does your kiddo love slime? Mine sure does. But what’s even better than this ooey, gooey, squishy goop? Slime that glows in the dark! 

Scientists of all ages (and planets) will enjoy this slippery, slimy program. 

Kiss the moon. Photo via @evannicoleminas

Recycled UFOs

You can’t Storm McWane without an unidentified flying object (UFO) to fly you into orbit after a full day of fun. So be sure to stop by the Recycled UFOs program. During this crafty class, you’ll use recycled materials to create your own out-of-this-world vehicle. 

Galaxy  Bath Bombs

Want to make bath time more exciting? Nothing is more intriguing than watching a bath bomb explode into fizzy colors.

Galaxy bath bombs are even cooler. Just drop it in the tub and watch as it transcends your tub into a dark abyss with colors and glitter.

Marbled Paper

I love paper, so this program has me totally intrigued. 

You probably know that making paper is a centuries old practice. But did you know that paper can be made in a matter of minutes? 

This program will teach you how. The marbled design your paper will show off in the end will give it that totally rad surf the galaxy vibe, too.

Visit IMAX

IMAX Dome Theatre at McWane Science Center. Photo via McWane Science Center

Still feeling spacey? Head to McWane Science Center’s IMAX Dome Theatre for a showing of Apollo 11: First Steps showing now through January 2020.

Imagine viewing the galaxy on this mega screen. Wowza!

IMAX tickets can be purchased solo or in addition to general admission tickets. 

Tickets here.

Attend the Event

Storm McWane (Science Center) September 20-22. Photo via McWane Science Center

Storm McWane (Science Center) is Friday, September 20 through Sunday, 22. Don’t forget to dress in your extraterrestrial best and receive $5.10 off general admission. Far out!

Want to go ahead and secure your tickets now? Buy your tickets here.

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