9 spots in Birmingham to get Fish & Chips – from a local Brit

Fish and Chips in Birmingham, Alabama
Fish & Chips spots in Birmingham, AL.  Yes, that’s my hand proudly displaying the deliciousness. Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now

Fish & chips form part of British and Irish culture, with the governments even making it one of the few foods not subject to rationing during both World Wars. But you don’t have to travel overseas to sample this treat – there’s some pretty good fish & chips to be had right here in Birmingham, AL.

As a Brit in Birmingham – these are some of the places where I enjoy having a little taste of home.

In no particular order: 9 spots to enjoy fish & chips in Birmingham

1) Grille 29

Fish and Chips
Fish & Chips. Photo via Grille 29

This is traditional fish & chips with southern influence. The cod is hand battered and comes served with chunky fries (chips). There’s also a taste of the south as it comes with slaw (normally reserved for salads and baked potatoes in the UK) and hush puppies. A great combo ($16).

Grille 29 – 971 Brookwood Village, Birmingham, AL 35209

2) Fancy’s on Fifth

Fish and Chips
Fish & Chips. Photo via Fancies on Fifth

The large portion of fish is dipped in beer batter before frying. The beer used is the local Cahaba Blonde. It comes with french fries and coleslaw ($18). Not traditional ‘chips’ (steak fries) but still a hearty meal.

Fancies on Fifth – 430 41st St S, Birmingham, AL 35222

3) Todd English P.U.B Birmingham

Todd English Pub
Fish & Chips. Photo via Todd English P.U.B Birmingham

This beer battered cod deserves to be smothered with the house made tartar sauce. The British style chips go really well with the malt vinegar aioli. You’ve guessed it – there’s a running theme that Fish & Chips is served with coleslaw in the south!  ($16)

Todd English P.U.B Birmingham – 2221 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N, Birmingham, AL 35203

4) Little London Kitchen

Little London Kitchen
Fish & Chips. Photo via Little London Kitchen

If you haven’t tried Little London Kitchen yet – check out our previous story which covers their full menu and of course, The Duchess – their 1968 red London double-decker bus that you may have seen on the roads of Birmingham.

You’ll be served with two 6oz cod fillets with chunky British style chips. You also get a veggie side and homemade tartar sauce ($15). The food is great and you get to eat on the red London double-decker bus!

Little London Kitchen (Roaming food truck/trailer – check for schedule)

5) Five Point Public House and Oyster Bar

Fish and Chips
Fish & Chips at Five Point Public House and Oyster Bar. Photo by Spencer Cox

A huge portion of beer battered cod that goes well with the dill tartar sauce. While there’s not the traditional British style chunky chips – the garlic Parmesan fries more than make up for tradition. Definitely consider ordering an additional side portion of fries to prevent people taking them off your plate! ($13)

Five Points Public House and Oyster Bar – 1210 20th St S, Birmingham, AL 35205

6) John’s City Diner

John's City Diner
Fish & Chips. Photo via John’s City Diner

Simply presented, but by no means disappointing. The fresh Alaskan Cod and chips are fried in Good People beer batter. The batter is crisp and the fish is soft and flaky. Tastes great dipped in the homemade tartar sauce ($17)

John’s City Diner – 112 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N, Birmingham, AL 35203

7) Brennan’s Irish Pub

Brennan's Irish Pub
Fish & Chips. Photo via Brennan’s Irish Pub

If you’re going to use beer in your batter at an Irish bar – it has to be Guinness! The fish is served with split pea mash (or as we say on the other side of the Atlantic – mushy peas) which is one of the most popular sides in British and Irish chip shops.  The house cut chips and creamy homemade tartar sauce make this one a fave of mine (Large:$13.99, Small:$11.99)

Brennan’s Irish Pub – 1108 20th St S, Birmingham, AL 35205

8) Landry’s Seafood House

Fish and Chips
Fish & Chips. Photo via Landry’s Sea Food

You get a huge portion of fish and chips. The fish fillets are fried in beer batter (IPA). The meal comes with french fries and although we like onion rings on both sides of the ocean, this is the first fish and chips I have had with onion strings ($18.50). Great!

Landry’s Seafood House – 139 State Farm Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35209

9) The Thirsty Donkey

The Thirsty Donkey
Fish & Chips. Photo via The Thirsty Donkey

FRIDAYS ONLY! Or should I say Fry-day?! This beer battered cod comes with skinny fries, tartar sauce and slaw ($12). Enjoy them al-fresco at this new island themed restaurant and bar in the Avondale district of Birmingham. Read our previous story about The Thirsty Donkey.

The Thirsty Donkey – 4100 4th Ave S, Birmingham, AL35222


* Note: Little London Kitchen operates as a food truck, therefore check to see where they are on any given day via Little London Kitchen Facebook.

Who did we miss? Is there somewhere else you get your fish & chips? Let us know on social @bhamnow so we can feature them soon!

Jon Eastwood
Jon Eastwood

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