4-course steak night at Iron City Grill happening ONLY Saturday, July 13. Reserve your spot now!

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I know what you’re thinking. That is a good lookin’ steak. And you can get it for one night only at the Iron City Grill this Saturday, July 13. Are you hungry yet? 

I’m pretty positive these steaks will meat even the most picky steak-eater’s standards. (Really, it will exceed them, but I had to work in that pun somewhere.) I know this because Iron City Grill Executive Chef, Ian Barker has been working on them for months. I personally watched him in action. And how often can you tell someone it took the chef months to make your meal?

Things are Heating up at The Iron City Grill 

But seriously, Iron City Grill is raising the steaks (I couldn’t help myself) when it comes to food prep and ingredients. When Barker entered the kitchen as their new chef earlier this year, he quickly made the menu his own with an extensive makeover.

Not only did he change up the dishes, he also brought a greater focus to how things were being sourced, prepped and utilized—in an effort to reduce food waste and maximize the potential of each ingredient. 

Ian Barker, Executive Chef: “With regards to my cooking style, particularly with meat, I try to keep it simple. Start off with a good cut of meat and season it with a little kosher salt, black pepper, and good oil. That’s it.”

“Other than that, have enough respect for the animal to not let it go to waste. All trim, scraps, bone, fat, whatever. Find a use for it. All of our beef scraps, fat, trim, and bones go to demi glace & stocks. We then skim the fat off the top, render it into tallow, and use that to wrap the steaks to age. By the time it hits the trash, every part of that steak loin has been used, often multiple times.”

Steak Night at Iron City Grill

(The Cowboy Steak)
(Tomahawk Steak)

The dinner will consist of four courses—the main course being two bone in steak options: a 111 Day Tallow Cured 48oz Tomahawk and a 90 Day Whiskey Dry Aged 36oz Cowboy Ribeye.  Each steak also went through a different curing and aging process. The tomahawk was tallow cured, and the cowboy was dry aged with a Jack Daniels soak.

Each meal will include a wine pairing, and of course there will also be live music. Rebecca Egeland Music, a local indie-soul-folk artist will be serenading patrons all night long. 

For dessert, there will be a Black Forest Cake from The Grill’s longtime pastry chef, Ashley Thompson. This is a german style dark chocolate cake served with Swiss meringue buttercream and a cherry compote on top. Yep, I’m drooling.

Tickets will be $135 for the entire four course meal + the wine pairing for two. The Grill’s regular menu will not be served this Saturday, July 13th, but there will be an a la carte menu available for any one who doesn’t want to participate in steak night. There will also be limited availability, so reservations are recommended. Call 205-202-5483 with the extension 131 to reserve your spot!

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