Learn 5 ways Ignite Cycle makes you healthier


ignite cycle 1 Learn 5 ways Ignite Cycle makes you healthier
A ride at Ignite Cycle will get your heart rate going. Photo by Christine Hull for Bham Now

Birmingham is a great city to stay active–we have wonderful parks and outdoor areas, along with a wide variety of workout options for everyone. A newer option to consider is a ride at Ignite Cycle at Pepper Place. It’s fun and high-energy, and it’ll make you sweat for sure.

Ignite’s unique combination of cardio, flexibility, strength training, balance and community will help keep your brain and bod younger. Check out the list of health benefits below!

1) You’ll find your balance–in more ways than one!

Ignite Cycle 6 1 Learn 5 ways Ignite Cycle makes you healthier
The instructors at Ignite Cycle. Photo by Hannah Chambley at Bham Now

Ignite Cycle is all about “mindful movement.” Riders can lose themselves in their ride, but in order to follow along, you have to stay alert. The moves are always changing, and many of them incorporate balance through bilateral movement–challenging and improving riders’ core stability. Together, the movement and attention are highly beneficial for your brain!

2) It’s good for your heart

Ignite Cycle provides high-intensity cardio for 45 minutes, which will make your heart happy. Did you know the American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise every week? Most people aren’t reaching that goal, but it’s important. Not moving enough has been associated with heart disease, cancer and early death–yikes.

3) There’s stretching involved, too

Classes are full of songs to pump you up, but the final song of each ride is for cool down and stretching. In this part of the class, riders are guided through deep stretches of the muscles they use most on the bike. Why does stretching matter? It improves flexibility, reduces the odds of injury and provides more mobility–for life!

Tiffany Martin Learn 5 ways Ignite Cycle makes you healthier
Tiffany Martin, founder of Ignite Cycle. Photo courtesy of Ignite Cycle

“You’re going to see immediate benefits from investing in yourself right now, but riding with us provides lifelong benefits as well.”

Tiffany Martin, founder of Ignite Cycle

4) You’ll get stronger

Ignite Cycle 2 Learn 5 ways Ignite Cycle makes you healthier
Arm workout at Ignite Cycle. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Ignite has you covered in the strength training department, too. In addition to the faster-paced part of the rides, Ignite Cycle utilizes the bikes’ resistance to strengthen riders’ legs. Also, many of the choreography moves incorporate core and upper-body strength. Each class involves several minutes working out riders’ arms with small (but mighty!) hand weights.

5) You’ll find a community

Ignite Cycle 3 Learn 5 ways Ignite Cycle makes you healthier

Have you ever been through a challenge with someone and felt closer to them when it was over? That’s how riders feel after a class at Ignite. Ignite brings riders together, even after the class ends. There’s an open, airy community space where riders can connect over the agonizing heavy intervals, cheer each other on about crushing the 60-second sprint or (finally!) unclipping from the bike (if you know, you know!). There’s also a notebook in the community space where riders are encouraged to celebrate their successes and those of their fellow riders. Outside of the ride, Ignite hosts events and often provides post-ride beverages so riders can continue to hang out.

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