Taking Fido to Good People or Gulf Shores? 3 vehicles that will make the ‘ruff’ ride a little easier.

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Travel days with your furry friend.

Whether you’re heading of one of Birmingham’s top breweries, Railroad Park or to the beach for the weekend, nothing beats taking your beloved pooch with you. Owning a vehicle that makes the trip a little easier makes it even better! Here are three models to consider, compliments of our friends at Driver’s Way.

1. Nissan Rogue

Birmingham, Driver's Way, dogs, pets, cars
Inside the 2016 Nissan Rogue. Photo via Driver’s Way

So you’d love the interior space of an SUV. But you live in downtown Birmingham, which means maneuvering around busy streets and in and out of tight parking spaces. An over-sized SUV just won’t work well for daily life. But you know what will? The 2017 Nissan Rogue—a strong choice in the small crossover segment for both humans and dogs.

Ready to ride. Photo submitted

One thing Fido is sure to love about the Nissan Rogue is its interior space. Though it may look small on the outside, inside it offers a surprising amount of space—40 cubic feet behind the back row and 70 cubic feet when all seats are folded flat. This equals to plenty of space for your pup to stretch out and enjoy the ride. Even dogs of larger size.

Extra Perk: The Nissan Rogue also offers good fuel economy, which is perfect when battling traffic on Hwy. 280 and 65 South on your way out of town.

2. Honda Fit

2009 Honda Fit. Photo via Driver’s Way

It may fall into the subcompact category, but the Honda Fit is one of the most versatile small cars on the road. And believe it or not, it features enough room for dogs of any size to enjoy. It also includes many safety features. You do want to ensure your pet’s safety while on the road, don’t you?

A dog’s day out in Birmingham. Photo by Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

For dogs that will stay in a carrier while traveling on the road, you’ll want to ensure you buy a car that includes child safety anchors in the backseat. Just as these anchors are important for keeping car seats firmly in place, they will also help hold pet carriers in place. This is especially useful on roads like Interstate 65 where stop-and-go traffic is risky.

3. Toyota 4Runner

Doggy says let’s ride! Photo by Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

One feature you’ll love about traveling with pets in the Toyota 4Runner is its cargo divider. This handy tool serves two purposes:

  1. Keep your cargo secure so you don’t run the risk of it falling on top of your pet when driving over bumps and around turns.
  2. Contain your pet in one area to prevent them from leaping around the car while it’s in motion.
Cargo space in 2016 Toyota 4Runner SR5. Photo via Driver’s Way

Extra Perk: The Toyota 4Runner also comes with a cargo cover, which is a great way to keep pet hair off luggage and other items.

Safety Tips

The best place for a pit stop while traveling with your dog. Photo via Fetch – A Treat Truck for Dogs on Facebook

Along with a pet-friendly vehicle, you will need to take a few safety precautions when traveling via car with your dog. Some include:

  • Never leaving them alone in a hot vehicle.
  • Bringing along comfort items like a favorite toy or blanket
  • Being in tune to their behaviors and needs.
Pit stops with pets. Photo via Fetch – A Treat Truck for Dogs on Facebook

You’ll also want to make plenty of pit stops. Luckily, Birmingham has tons of great spots your dogg-o will love to stop. May I suggest the Fetch – A Treat Truck for Dogs or one of Birmingham’s spectacular dog parks?

Find Your Pet-Friendly Ride

To find a vehicle that’s perfect for traveling alongside your family mascot, visit Driver’s Way in Pelham and on Highway 280.

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