5 places for new moms to get some R&R in Birmingham

Jamie and Kennedy 5 places for new moms to get some R&R in Birmingham
New mom Jamie Cash with her daughter. One of her go-tos is Patriot Park in Homewood!

Being a new mom is exhausting. As much as we love our babies, the long days and late nights can be draining.

After spending the last three nights up every hour with a sick baby, I decided to do some research on where Birmingham mamas go to get some rest. I polled a few friends on their favorite spots–below is a list of their answers.

The spa

Several Birmingham moms said they like to go to the spa to relax–no surprise there! One great option is Escape Day Spa in Homewood:

Escape 5 places for new moms to get some R&R in Birmingham
My husband clearly sensed my need for a staycation this past weekend. A trip to Escape is in store for me soon!

Escape Day Spa

  • Where: Homewood
  • Services: Body treatments and wraps, massage, mani and pedi, facials, spray tans and more
  • Moms should check out: Escape’s spa packages. There are several for moms and moms-to-be!
  • More info: theplacetoescape.com

The outdoors

Luckily, you don’t have to spend money at the spa to find some peace and quiet as a new mom in Birmingham. A popular option of several moms–myself included–is going for nice, long walks. This is great for those times when baby needs to come along. Some notable (stroller-friendly!) walks:

Screen Shot 2019 05 13 at 1.57.17 PM 5 places for new moms to get some R&R in Birmingham
One of my many walks with baby last fall
  • Lakeshore Trail, Homewood
  • Railroad Park, downtown Birmingham
  • Rotary Trial, downtown Birmingham
  • Highland Park’s parks
  • Birmingham Botanical Gardens
  • Patriot Park, Homewood

“One of my favorite things to do after work is to take my family for a walk down to Patriot Park and then have dinner at Pizzeria GM. The walk clears my head, and I love discussing the day with my husband and baby over a drink on the patio.”

Jamie Cash

The yoga studio

Screen Shot 2019 05 13 at 2.37.22 PM 5 places for new moms to get some R&R in Birmingham
The Yoga Circle, Southside

Yoga is a great way for new moms to exercise and unwind. Anna Unkenholz, mom of one, finds her zen at the Yoga Circle in Southside.

“My go-tos are doing yoga at the Yoga Circle and walking the dogs while my baby is at school! Once the JCC pool is open I’ll start going there.”

Anna Unkenholz

Birmingham has several yoga studios to check out. Here’s a link to six more!

The library

Birmingham Public Library 2 e1490554626618 5 places for new moms to get some R&R in Birmingham
Birmingham Public Library. Photo from The Birmingham Times

I can’t think of a much quieter place than the library! Taking the time to read a good book is always nice. We’re lucky to have many public libraries in Birmingham. Locations here.

The barn

Lexi and Beau 5 places for new moms to get some R&R in Birmingham
Lexi Blackburn with her baby and horse at Blackjack Farms

“My little boy is just over a year old, and I’ve found that between juggling motherhood, work, and being a wife, time for myself is definitely hard to come by. However, when I get the chance to take some R&R, I like to head out to the barn and ride my horse, Charlie, at the beautiful Blackjack Farms. Spending just a few hours with Charlie helps keep me grounded and is a simple, refreshing reminder of who I am and what I enjoy most (other than being a Mom!). I think spending time with horses brings out the best in all of us!”

Lexi Blackburn

There are a lot of options for new moms to take time for self care in Birmingham. It all boils down to finding what works for you!

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