3 Birmingham galleries to check out

IMG 1966 2 1 3 Birmingham galleries to check out
Grand Bohemian Gallery (Claire LeSar/Bham Now)

Art is nothing new to Birmingham.  What a lot of people don’t realize is just how many places they can visit to admire the work of talented locals.  Here are three must-see Birmingham Galleries to check out this month.

With summer just around the corner, life seems to be boasting a little more time and appreciating art is just another fun way to beat the heat. Exploring new places and spaces around the city could level up your night and who knows, maybe you will find that perfect gift or piece that has been missing from your home– this week I have focused on a three galleries around town to get you started.

  • What:  Galleries located around the city of Birmingham.
  • When:  With so many options around the ‘Ham there is something going on somewhere every night, making exploring so much easier and convenient.
  • Who:  Anyone is welcome, making it a great place to bring kids!
IMG 1888 1 3 Birmingham galleries to check out
Ground Floor Contemporary Gallery (Clair LeSar/Bham Now)

Ground Floor Contemporary Gallery

  • Address: 111 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd South, Birmingham, AL 35233 close to the “Magic City’s” Rotary Trail and Railroad Park.
  • Gallery Hours: Sundays 1-4PM, by appointment, and for openings which are the first Thursday of every month. 
  • What’s Happening:  Resolved Unresolved Opening Reception May 2 from 5PM– 7:30PM.  May 5 at 2PM “Artist’s Talks” hosted by Rae Trimmer and Susan Vitali who will discuss their process, materials, and experience creating the art. 
  • Cost: Free to attend.
IMG 1948 2 3 Birmingham galleries to check out
Space One Eleven invites you inside with their bright red door! (Claire LeSar/Bham Now)

Space One Eleven Gallery

  • Address: 2409 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Gallery Hours: Gallery hours are from 10AM – 5PM Tuesday through Friday and by appointment. Please ring the bell if the door is locked.
  • What’s Happening:  3D Poetry works presented by the Creative Writing Department at ASFA is opening Friday, May 10 at 6PM.  
  • Cost: Free and open to the public. 
SpaceOneEleven 190123 165702 3 Birmingham galleries to check out
Space One Eleven also has art classes for all ages. (Bham Now)
IMG 1959 3 Birmingham galleries to check out
Across the street from the Grand Bohemian are a number of restaurants to eat at once you’ve had your fill of art (Claire LeSar/Bham Now)

The Grand Bohemian Gallery

  • Address: 2655 Lane Park Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223 close to the Birmingham Zoo and Botanical Gardens.
  • Gallery Hours: Monday – Thursday: 10AM– 7PM, Friday & Saturday: 10AM– 8PM, Sunday: 10AM– 5PM. 
  • What’s Happening:  With a collection of both local and international artists, The Grand Bohemian Gallery will give you a little taste of everything.  Their exhibit is rotating and open during flexible hours. 
  • Cost: Free!
IMG 2774 1 3 Birmingham galleries to check out
Beautiful landscape painting at the Grand Bohemian, go check it out for yourself! (Claire LeSar/Bham Now)

Feel like exploring on your own?

Search the Bham Now Arts Calendar to find great art events.

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