Alabama Scenic River Trail to host nations longest paddle race this fall—a 650-mile journey in just 10 days. Can you do it?

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Paddlers from all over the country will come to Alabama for the 650 mile race down the Alabama Scenic River Trail. Photo submitted

Get your paddles ready. The Great Alabama 650, a 650-mile paddle race down the Alabama Scenic River Trail, will take place this fall. Find out all the details, plus what’s up for grabs for the winners!

Everything you need to know:

The race starts on September 14 at Weiss Lake in Northeast Alabama on the Georgia Line and will end at Fort Morgan in Mobile Bay. Participants will have 10 days to complete the race down the Alabama Scenic River Trail, the longest river trail in a single state.

Along the way, racers will encounter changing water conditions including whitewater rapids and tidewaters, therefore making the trail a challenge for even the most experienced paddler. Paddlers will also encounter “Trail Angels”—other paddlers and river enthusiasts who will offer assistance along the trail when needed.

Fees + Teams + Prizes 🏅

Three divisions will be eligible to compete including a Male Solo, Female Solo and Two-Person Team—male/male, female/female, male/female. There is also a race entry fee of $300.

Solo racers must have at least one crew person to assist during the race. You can contact the race director for inquiries. The prize, a whopping $20,000, will be split among the winners from each division as follows:

  • Male solo winner: $7,500
  • Female solo winner: $7,500
  • Team winner: $5,000

Why Race?🚣

“This race is a chance for paddlers to experience our beautiful Alabama Scenic River trail while also tackling one of the toughest challenges in paddlesports. We want the world to know how fortunate we are to have thousands of miles of paddleable water in our state and to come experience it for themselves. This race isn’t for the faint of heart.”

Greg Wingo, Race Director

Show Your Support 👏

The race kicks off at 8AM on Saturday, September 14, at Weiss Lake in Cherokee County, which is approximately an hour and a half from Birmingham. More information on race day festivities will be available on the race website closer to the start date.

Think you have what it takes? Register here, and check their website for more info on outfitters, rules, and route maps!

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