McWane Science Center hosts 13th Annual Celebrate Science Awards on April 25

Birmingham, McWane Science Center, science, Celebrate Science Awards
Winners from the 2017 Celebrate Science Awards. Photo via McWane Science Center

Over 20 schools head to McWane Science Center today, Thursday, April 25, for the 13th Annual Celebrate Science Awards. Who will win prizes and the McWaniac Award?

The Program

Birmingham, McWane Science Center, Celebrate Science Awards
Oh the scientific things they will learn. Photo via McWane Science Center

Celebrate Science is a unique program that challenges teachers and students to step outside of the classroom routine and bring science principles to life. 

According to McWane Science Center, the hope for the program is to: 

  • Generate excitement for science and learning among participating students.
  • Allow teachers a new outlet in which they can tap into other areas of their curriculum through science. 

Helping make this year’s program possible were McWane Science Center’s community partners: Protective Life, Kinder Morgan and Vulcan Materials Corporation. 

The Challenge

Birmingham, McWane Science Center
Electrify Your Mind with Science. Photo via McWane Science Center

During the 2018-2019 school year, McWane Science Center challenged select 3rd-5th grade classrooms from all over the state to design an exhibit prototype. This year’s theme: “Sweet Home Alabama.” Each design had to present a connection to our state in some way. 

Over 20 schools accepted the challenged and entered the competition. Now after months of putting their imaginations to work, students and teachers will finally see if their hard work pays off.

The Prizes

Birmingham, McWane Science Center, Celebrate Science Awards
Look at that trophy from 2017’s Celebrate Science Awards. Photo via McWane Science Center

During the awards ceremony, prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Also awarded will be a President’s Award and McWaniac Award. Oh, how I’d love to win a McWaniac!

Each winner receives a cash prize to be used in their classroom for educational projects. The class that wins 1st place will also be able to display their prototype at McWane Science Center for an entire year. Rockstar moment!

Who will win this year’s science-tastic design competition? We’ll keep you updated on the winners.

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