CBD oil-infused drinks are now available at Revelator Coffee in Birmingham. Have you tried it?

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Revelator has a new addition to their menu: CBD oil— and it’s a hit. Keep reading to find out the most popular drink to add it to and what Revelator locations will get it next!

CBD Oil is Now at Revelator

Customers can now have three drops of Relyf CBD oil added to their drinks for $1 at all Revelator Coffee locations in Birmingham. The debut last week brought an influx of customers through Revelator doors all over the Magic City.

“Most people who came to try the beverage were pretty familiar with CBD and how it works. But there were a lot of people who weren’t… and were curious when they found it on the menu posted in the store.”

Chris Clevenger, Regional Director

Why Now?

The idea to add CBD oil to their menu has been brewing for a while.

“We’ve been watching the cannabis industry evolve to the point of hemp’s legalization at the end of 2018. When the Farm Bill passed we knew hemp-derived CBD would start hitting the market.”

Meredith Singer, Executive Director of Brand Strategy & Marketing

Everything fell into place for Revelator and Relyf— the Birmingham based CBD oil company— to team up.

“…The timing just lined up perfectly with Relyf’s launch. We roast here in Birmingham and our team has known Michael Hanson and his crew at Relyf for a number of years. They’re great people and, as a company, have really fantastic principles surrounding their supply chain and quality standards. Once Relyf’s 500mg oil became available, getting CBD added to our menu was a no brainer.”

Meredith Singer, Executive Director of Brand Strategy & Marketing

The Golden Milk Latte Takes the Gold

“Since Relyf CBD is odor and flavorless, it pairs well with anything on the menu. However, we’ve had a lot of folks go for the Golden Milk Latte, a turmeric ginger tea with steamed milk and CBD oil. “

Chris Clevenger, Regional Director

You can get CBD infused drinks at any of the four Revelator Coffee locations in Birmingham:

  • Revelator downtown
  • Revelator in Mountain Brook
  • Sweet Jon’s Cafe in Homewood
  • Octane at Uptown

And soon, you’ll be able to get it at Revelator locations in three other states!

“We’re planning to roll this out to Atlanta, Nashville, and Charleston in the next 5-10 days. We’re also watching what is happening at the state level in Louisiana and would love to get CBD into that market, as well.”

Meredith Singer, Executive Director of Brand Strategy & Marketing

“Suffice to say: we’ve been totally blown away on all fronts by how the pilot is going and we’re excited to continue this product partnership in our other markets this April.”

Meredith Singer, Executive Director of Brand Strategy & Marketing

Want to add it to your homemade lattes? You can also buy the Relyf tincture (500mg of CBD oil) at the counter or on Relyf’s site for $49.95.

Have you tried it yet? Let us know what you think on social @BhamNow.

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