Take our 5 question survey about Bham Now. You could win cool prizes!

bhamnowteam Take our 5 question survey about Bham Now. You could win cool prizes!
The Bham Now team needs your help!

We are always looking for ways to make Bham Now a better site for our readers to gather information, learn about new things in Birmingham and find out what’s going on with your favorite businesses. Sometimes, that means crowdsourcing some info. Enter: the Bham Now survey.

Okay, we promise this is not one of those surveys that says it will take two minutes and actually causes you to write a whole essay. This is a super quick, five-question survey that you can do on your phone or computer, and it requires little-to-no essay writing! Score!

Help Us Out

We want our audience feedback so we can continue to make Bham Now better!   Bham Now is FREE and our goal is to serve our loyal fans and local businesses/non-profits.  We are also locally owned and operated, so asking the locals what they want is what we’re all about. Click here to take the survey.

Bham Now is Free, and So Are Our Prizes

Yep, we said prizes. Here’s what you could win:

  • $50 gift card to the Battery
  • $25 at ROJO
  • $50 gift card at the Woolworth
  • 2 tickets for a AL Symphony Orchestra concert
  • 2 tickets to Samford Arts event
  • Tickets to Kami-Con
  • An Aviate hat
  • One of a kind Bham Now t-shirt


  • Sweepstakes will be live until Jan. 30th
  • Each person can only enter once. (But, you can send it to a friend to double your odds if they’ll share any prize with you!)
  • Winners will be announced on Jan. 31st.

Thank you for reading, following, liking and sharing Bham Now!

Once again, you can take the survey here.

Thanks y’all!

Lauren Bedford
Lauren Bedford
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