3 Tips for gallery wall installations from a framing professional at Four Corners Gallery

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Four Corners Gallery can make all your gallery wall dreams come true. Photo via Four Corners Gallery

Gallery walls are all the rage right now, and for good reason — they can liven up a room with color, fill a large wall that is otherwise awkward or bring unity to a space that feels cluttered. If you are an art lover or collector of any kind, gallery walls are a great way to put the things you love on display. But what happens when you find out it can be overwhelming to try to put together your own perfect gallery wall? You call in a professional.

There are three big ways that the team at Four Corners can help you with all your gallery wall needs and dreams: Consultation, Installation and Artwork.

1. Consultation

Consultations with the team of professionals at Four Corners Gallery include one hour complimentary, then per-hour paid assistance. They will come to your home, office, exhibit, or wherever you need them to consult with you regarding your gallery wall. At the consultation, they can give you an assessment of your existing framed work. At this point, they will check to see if the work is framed properly. Here are a few things they will focus on:

  • Is the framing preservation-grade?
  • Has the art faded? Does the paper show signs of uv damage?
  • Does the mat or glass need to be replaced?
  • Will the artwork benefit from restoration?
Carla Hamilton of Four Corners Gallery consults on designs for a gallery wall. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

If the framing pro finds that something is wrong or does need to be changed for your gallery wall, they can take the item back with them to work their magic! Four Corners has restoration specialists that can seamlessly bring your old prints into the 21st century. Their digital retoucher can also enhance your phone pics. They have framing specialists who can fix your broken, antique frames and who can re-mat your art, breathing new life into it while also assuring its longevity.

On a more creative note, if you need consultation on the more design-centric aspect of you gallery wall, a design consultant from Four Corners can help you visualize your gallery wall design with InDesign software. This way, you (and the design team) can complete the puzzle with a comprehensive look at the design and identify any holes before you move on to step two: installation.

2. Installation

The talented installation team at Four Corners Gallery will do a great job of installing your gallery wall. Photo via Four Corners

After you decide on a design with the Four Corners pros, the next step is to get your beautiful gallery wall installed! Well, you’re in for a treat: the team at Four Corners Gallery can help with that, too! They have all the right tools to install your gallery wall accurately and safely. They will bring the appropriate tools and inspect existing framing hardware to ensure everything is just perfect. (Who knew a stair ladder existed? Or that you should use D-ring hangers for a mirror, and definitely not hang it using wire?)

So, you’ve got your gallery wall installed. But now you’re noticing that you may want to add one more piece to your collection. Or perhaps you’d like to start on a new gallery wall somewhere else in the space?

3. Artwork

Four Corners isn’t just a custom framer — they sell unique works of art of all different mediums, shapes, sizes and styles to help you complete your look. Once you pick out a piece from the gallery, ask them to frame it to match (if you’re into the matching thing) or complement your gallery wall and go from there! Four Corners will not only help you see your existing art anew, the team there will help you to continue on with and add to your collections.

This gallery wall is an eclectic mix of frame shapes, sizes and styles. Photo via Four Corners Gallery

A Few Things to Think About

Before contacting Four Corners for installation or consultation help, it may be helpful to think about what kind of style you want and what kind of art (if any) you have to work with. And remember: you can create a very cool gallery wall out of anything. If you are an avid baseball card collector, consider mixing the cards in with baseball memorabilia or paintings.

Design Aspects to Consider, from Carla Hamilton, CEO of Four Corners:

The bird and beach scenes unify this gallery wall. Photo via Four Corners Gallery
  • To match or not to match? There are many different ways to approach this — for example, you could use only black and white artwork to create a cohesive look, or you could use only line drawings. Frames can also be what ties a grouping together. Their color or style can be exact matches or, instead, be looser complements to one another.
  • Building around one or two favorite works can be a jumping off point. Do you have a couple of pieces that are your favorites? If so, let those anchor the gallery. No matter what size they are, thoughtful framing can make sure they are prominent. You can also look to these to answer the other questions. Do the two pieces work together? Are they from the same color palette? Working from here could set the tone for your entire wall.
  • Build around a color scheme but don’t be afraid to break it. This could mean that the majority of your pieces have blue in them, or perhaps every piece has gold and pink. While color unites them it’s okay to break it up with say, green. This is helpful to note if you tend to gravitate toward one specific color.

Contact Four Corners For All Your Gallery Wall Needs

The team at Four Corners can assist in your gallery wall installation and other needs. Photo via Four Corners Gallery

Gallery walls are a good example of design that looks effortless, but actually takes a great deal of effort and often multiple people — professionals included! — to make happen. When you choose to work with a company like Four Corners, you can truly make it a one-stop shop. The team there knows their stuff when it comes to art, design, framing, restoration and installation. From the enthusiastic art collector to those who are not design-minded at all, everyone can have a beautiful gallery wall in their space with Four Corners.

They’re located in the burbs at Inverness Village along Hwy 280. They offer free pickup and delivery, too.

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