Meet the Bham Now team as we get ready for the new year!

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Cindy Martin and Wade Cline share fun facts about each other.

The team here at Bham Now is ready and excited to jump into a new year of creating content, but we wanted to take a minute to share a few things from 2018 first.

Meet the Team

Find out what kind of weird quirks each person has, who drinks waaaaaay too much coffee, and which team member just can’t stop giggling. We talk about why we love working at Bham Now and how our jobs take us outside our comfort zone. Bet you can’t watch without smiling!

The team at Bham Now thanks you for a great 2018 year!

We thank you, our awesome readers, for a wonderful 2018 year and can’t wait to bring you more positive, helpful content in 2019!

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