6 local pet stores and Birmingham-based dog treat companies for your furry friends

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A Birmingham pup eats a puppy ice cream treat from Fetch food truck. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

Eating local is no longer just for you — it’s for your pets too! Birmingham is full of local businesses that are making their own wholesome dog treats and food. Find out where you can find it and what kind of options you have for your furry friends with our handy guide.

Birmingham has a selection of locally owned and operated pet stores as well as local pet food and treat-makers. There are so many options in town when shopping local for your pet!

Local Pet Treats

FETCH: A Treat Truck for Dogs

Allison Whitfield-Smith, owner of Fetch Food Truck for Dogs. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

FETCH is a food truck for dogs! The idea came to owner Allison Whitfield-Smith after she saw a news segment about a food truck for dogs in New York City. As the food truck scene in Birmingham continued to grow, she felt like it was the right time to jump in. She created FETCH and attends many food truck festivals around town as well as catering to pups at Pepper Place Market on Saturdays and at dog parks. FETCH offers many flavors of lactose-free and yogurt-based ice creams as well as wholesome gourmet bakery goods and dog treats. You can even order a birthday cake for your dog and have it hand-delivered! A portion of the profits from FETCH are donated to local animal shelters and rescue groups.


CahaBones come in flavors like Peanut Butter and Bacon, perfect for your pup! Photo via CahaBones on Facebook

CahaBones is a Birmingham-based company that uses locally-grown ingredients to make dog treats. Their treats are non-GMO and come in flavors that your pup will love, like Peanut Butter and Bacon or Sweet Potato Casserole. You can find CahaBones in stores like Piggly Wiggly, Sheppard’s Pet Supply, The Whole Dog and more. You can also buy them online.

The Blind Dog Biscuit Company

The Blind Dog Biscuit company has great flavors for dog treats! Photo via Blind Dig Biscuit on Instagram

The owners of The Blind Dog Biscuit Company named it for their old dog, Tinker, who was blind but could always find a dog biscuit. They use all-natural and organic ingredients, and they make each treat by hand. Their dog biscuits are free of preservatives and artificial ingredients. Find them at Pepper Place Market or online. You can also sign up for a subscription box of dog biscuits so your pup never runs out of treats! You can also find these treats locally at Continental Bakery, Sheppard’s Pet Supply and Bare Naked Noodles.

Gaines Farmily Farmstead

Dogs love the all-natural sweet potato treats from Gaines Family Farmstead! Photo via Gaines Family Farmstead

The Gaines family has been raising dogs and taking in rescue pups for many years. One thing they realized, when talking with their veterinarian, was that the treats on the market were sub-par. Rather than complaining, they got to work with their veterinarian to research what kind of ingredients are best for dogs. They settled on the sweet potato. The dog treats are made of sweet potatoes and come in bags of chews, fries and chips. Their treats are all natural, and the ingredients are all from the USA. You can buy their products online here, or look out for them at farmer’s markets like Pepper Place Market.

Local Pet Stores

Sheppard’s Pet Supply

Sheppard’s Pet Supply in Birmingham has everything you need for your pet. Photo via Sheppard’s Pet Supply

Will Sheppard opened Sheppard’s Pet Supply in 2015 in the Avondale/Crestwood area. He was seeking to fill the needs of pet owners in that area of town. He stocks brands like FROMM, Orijen, Acana, Blue Buffalo and more, all with a focus on natural and healthy options. If there is a brand you and your pets like, he can special order it for you! Stop by for a visit with your furry friends!

The Whole Dog Market

The Whole Dog Market in Homewood is a full-service pet shop. Photo via Whole Dog Market

The Whole Dog Market is an upscale pet store in Homewood. The shop is a full-service pet store modeled after the success of the owners’ full-service boarding and grooming location in Atlanta, GA. There are 4 locations of The Whole Dog Market. Though they started in Atlanta, this is their only location outside of Atlanta and it is run by the owners’ family members. Each and every product sold has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and William Finney, owner, is on site to answer any of your questions.

What’s your favorite local spot to get treats for your furry friends?? Let us know!