Birmingham’s first flower truck is rolling into town this Saturday, November 10th

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At Wild Honey Flower Truck, you can make your own bouquet, or the pros will help you! Photo via Wild Honey Flower Truck

Birmingham finally has its first-ever flower truck and we are pumped! Wild Honey Flower Truck is rolling into Bham this Saturday, November 10 and you won’t want to miss it.

One thing that Birmingham is not lacking in: entrepreneurs with big dreams. Thankfully, when they act on their dreams, the whole Birmingham community benefits and rallies around them. Such is the case with Wild Honey Flower Truck. 

Birmingham’s First Flower Truck

There are certainly other cities that have flower trucks, but this will be Birmingham’s very first one! The Wild Honey truck will sell flowers by the stem. Each flower will be priced between $1.50 to $3.50, and the owners are anticipating that bouquets will be around $20 to $30.

Speaking of the owners, Josh and Kelsey Sizemore are Birmingham residents with a passion for bringing joy to the community. When they are not working their full time jobs, they have been putting energy and time into the truck and are so excited to be able to get out and share the joy of flowers with the Birmingham community!

Josh and Kelsey Sizemore, owners of Wild Honey Flower Truck. Photo via Wild Honey Flower Truck

Be on the lookout for the Wild Honey Flower Truck at their grand opening at Cahaba Brewing on Saturday, November 10th! Swing by from 2-5pm for your unique bouquet. 

Q & A With the Owners of Wild Honey Flower Truck

1. What is the inspiration behind the truck? We had seen pictures of a couple flower trucks in other cities and thought they were so cool, but we never had a chance to visit one in person.

We talked about opening one in Birmingham for months, but we didn’t really get serious about it until we found a 1963 Ford Econoline pickup for sale on Craigslist in Ohio. We fell in love with the truck and decided we had to try to make it happen!

The sweet blue truck was a Craigslist find that the Sizemores fixed up. Photo via Wild Honey Flower Truck

2. How did you come up with the name? We were thinking through about a dozen different names when Wild Honey came about. We kept coming back to themes like open skies, pastures, simplicity, and sweetness. Wild Honey captured the feeling we were going for and it stuck pretty quickly.

3. What are you most excited about with the truck? We’re most excited to share it with people all over Birmingham.

It seemed like such a fun and unique addition to our community. We love how encouraging flowers can be and really want to use them to create unique and joyful experiences for people in Birmingham.

We are swooning over this brown paper and fresh flower magic. Photo via Wild Honey Flower Truck

4. How many different types of flowers do you have? We plan on having 12-16 different types of flowers on the truck at any time. We will switch up our selection a lot based on what’s in season and also just what we’re into that week or month.

5. Do you plan on doing events, or just popping up around town? Yes! We will do lots of events as well as pop-ups at businesses around town. We will regularly post our locations on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow along @wildhoneyflowertruck. 

Stop by the grand opening at Cahaba Brewery on November 10! Photo via Wild Honey Flower Truck

Interested in more flowers in the Birmingham area? Check out this handy guide. 

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