More than football, the Magic City Classic brings over 100,000 fans to Birmingham

Alabama ASU, marching band, Magic City Classic, Birmingham, Alabama
ASU marching band, via blavity

Welcome to Magic City Classic day!

One of the biggest annual events in Birmingham, the Classic which draws more than 100,000 fans throughout the country, is more than a football game, it is an all day experience.  The day starts off with a parade featuring the Alabama State University and Alabama A&M bands at 8:00am and ends with a post game concert by Gucci Mane. And, by the way there is tailgating and a little football in between.

Check out the schedule  – HERE and 2018 Hype Video:

More good news to celebrate

Another reason to celebrate today?  Yesterday, the city of Birmingham inked a deal with the Presidents of Alabama State University and Alabama A&M  to continue the Magic City Classic at Legion Field until 2022. Now that is fantastic news!

Screen Shot 2018 10 27 at 6.32.48 AM More than football, the Magic City Classic brings over 100,000 fans to Birmingham
Mayor Randall Woodfin signing the agreement to keep the Magic City Classic at Legion Field until 2022. Photo courtesy of the City of Birmingham

In preparation for the Magic City Classic, Bham Now’s Cody Short wrote up the following tips for the day.

1. Get Your Tickets Now

Magic City Classic, Birmingham Alabama, football, AAMU, ASU
Via blAck america web

You need to get your tickets now! Not just for the football game, but for all classic-related events. Events for the Magic City Classic sell out fast, and if there are some tickets available the day of, more than likely the prices will increase massively. So, plan all the events you want to attend now, and purchase those tickets so you can be organized, prepared and ready to go!

2. Know Where You’re Going To Park

Trying to find parking at Legion Field for the Magic City Classic is impossible. Primarily because all parking around the stadium will be occupied by RVs for tailgaters. So if you know anyone who lives in the Smithfield area near the stadium, start coordinating with them now so you can get the hook up on free parking that’s in walking distance from the arena. However, if you can’t find anyone to hook you up, then you can take the free shuttles from either the Birmingham Crossplex, Sheraton Hotel or 7th Ave N & 23rd St N – Downtown.

3. Legion Field Policies

Alabama AAMU, marching band, Magic City Classic, Birmingham, Alabama
Alabama AAMU marching band, via blavity

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring all your day-to-day necessities into Legion Field. Like most stadiums, there are rules that everyone has to follow or you’ll be stuck outside with the tailgaters (which is equally as fun as the game). There are only 4 kinds of bags allowed into the stadium: clear plastic bag that’s 12” x 6” x 12”, 1-gallon plastic freezer bag, clutch with shoulder strap and clutch with wrist strap. Clutches can’t be any larger than 4.5” x 6.5”.

4. Plan Your Outfit, And Include Flats

ASU, Band, Alabama State University, Magic City Classic, Birmingham, Alabama
ASU marching band, via Alabama State University

The Magic City Classic is one big fashion show that everyone participates in as they attend the game and other events. However, most Magic City Classic events are held outside. Over the years the weather has been as warm as 85 degrees to as low as 30 degrees (temps should reach the 60s by game time). Make sure to plan your outfit according to the weather, but most importantly, wear some comfortable shoes. More than likely you will be doing a lot of walking throughout the day and you want to be comfortable so you can sustain through all of the events during game day!

5. Bring Extra Spending Money

There will be clothing and food vendors everywhere! It’s going to be tough to resist the smell of fried chicken, ribs, funnel cake and all of the cute t-shirts or greek apparel fits. I promise, carrying extra money will be one of the best decisions you make during the Magic City Classic. However, your best bet is to carry some cash because some of these vendors are not going to be able to take your credit cards.

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