It’s never too early—Plan for the perfect holiday gifts with Four Corners Gallery


IMG 7579 7 It’s never too early—Plan for the perfect holiday gifts with Four Corners Gallery
Karen Clanton and Carla Hamilton of Four Corners Gallery work on framing a large art piece for a customer. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

You know that photo that your mom loves? It may be time to get it off your phone and into a frame; and there’s no better time to do that than the holiday season. Did you know that you can have a hands-on experience with a seasoned team of framing professionals right here in Birmingham?

It’s Never Too Early

“A lot of people are coming in at the last minute, because they have that ‘Eureka Moment.’”


The experienced team over at Four Corners Gallery on 280 has everything you need for holiday gift-giving. It’s truly never too soon to get started on gifts for your loved ones and they can help you out. According to Karen Clanton, Gallery Director at Four Corners, a lot of people come in close to the holidays because they have what she called a “Eureka Moment”: “It’s always such a struggle to figure out what the perfect gift is for somebody, and when they finally realize what it is, they are out of time to give it as a gift.”

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Print your family photos and have them professionally bound in a beautiful book. It makes for a perfect gift! Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

You see, custom framing and printing takes time. It is truly an art. The shop boasts a large selection of different frame styles, and they are all expertly made. Most are constructed in house, but in certain cases, the materials may come from out of state, sometimes outside the country. There are frames of different materials, like wood, metal and acrylic, plus the variety of finishes from natural wood, gold leaf, hand-painted and leather. There are many different colors, as well, and don’t even get me started on their matting options! The team there works with you and helps you decide on styles and colors so that you can achieve the result that you want.

“Start thinking about those special people now, and give yourself a little bit more time.”


Clanton advises that those on the market for a custom framing project should give the shop at least 2 weeks of time to get it made, if not more.

Once again, it’s never too soon!

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Functional gifts are available at Four Corners Gallery like photo frame easels, ceramics and woodwork. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

Functional Art For The Holidays

Take note: you can head over to Four Corners for more than framing, printing, and wall art. The team keeps a small selection of functional art on hand year-round, but they bring more in for the holidays. They have a beautiful selection of handmade wooden boxes by craftsman Laurens Cotten that always draw some buzz. They source functional ceramics from duo Steve Loucks and Lynette Hesser, and they also stock tabletop easels for their various frames. Both the woodwork and the ceramics are sourced from local craftsmen, so you can feel good about supporting local makers in your yearly shopping trips.

Make Sure Your Home Is Ready For Holiday Guests

Have you ever gone out to do your holiday shopping errands and ended up buying a whole bunch of stuff for yourself, too? Clanton and I talked about this funny habit, and she told me that they see a lot of people in the shop who have the exact same habit. In the case of Four Corners’ patrons, however, they are getting their home ready for guests.

Many people are so busy getting photos framed for the family members that they forget to have their photos or fine art framed for themselves… until they are the ones hosting family for the holidays. Clanton shared that the shop sees a high number of people who come in to get art and photos framed so that their house looks great when company arrives.

So, while you’re thinking about getting things framed for friends and family, don’t neglect your own home!

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The team at Four Corner can print your photos in a book format with gold-edged pages. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

They Deliver

Yep, you read that right. As long as you place your order for your new photo restoration or framing job in time, the team at Four Corners will show up on your doorstep with it at no extra charge. And, they take it one step further: they’ll hang it for you (for a fee). The best part is, you’ll know it’s done well because it was done by professionals.

A few more helpful services: 

  • They can take orders over the phone or via email (depending on the item requested)
  • Frame Repair and Refinishing
  • Design and Fabricate Acrylic Display Boxes
  • Matting
  • They can ship your gift to the recipient
  • Customers can email photos in to be printed (check with shop regarding size of files, editing, etc. before emailing in)

High-Quality Photo Printing

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Just one example of the archival photo paper that Four Corners can print on. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

Four Corners Gallery employs a professional photo-printing specialist who works on photo restorations, as well as many other mediums of photo printing. They have the ability to print on canvas, acrylic, metal and even materials like bamboo. Would you like your photos printed on archival paper and bound into a stunning photo album? They can do that. Want your canvas print to look a bit more impressionistic with textural brushstrokes rather than ‘realistic’? They can do that too.

The array of styles and products the team at Four Corners can accomplish for you is wide and wonderful. Go see the knowledgeable team over at their shop this season (start now!) for your holiday, home and functional art needs.

Check them out on their website, stop by the gallery or call in today for information on your holiday gift ideas!

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