Missing ball python in Birmingham is found

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A ball python over 2 ft. Photo via python.net.
There’s no need to worry about a snake loose in Birmingham anymore. The ball python that went missing last week has been found—and he wasn’t far from where he went missing.

So where was the snake found, you ask?
Though the snake was left in the front passenger seat of its owners vehicle with a window left open, this python didn’t opt for an easy escape into nature. No no!
According to the python’s owner, Caleb Louis, the snake was found in the trunk of his car.
Phew! Mystery solved.

If you live in or near downtown Birmingham, you may have heard of the ball python snake that went missing on October 2. According to the pets owner, Caleb Louis, the python is still missing.

Houidini, The Escape Snake

How did a ball python manage to escape like Houdini into downtown Birmingham? So here’s a breakdown of events.

Louis took the python into the Dannon Project while he filled out a job application.

While inside, the snake caused some fear, so Louis was asked to remove it from the building.

Birmingham, missing pet, missing snake, ball python, snake, python
Missing ball python in Birmingham. Photo via Caleb Louis

Louis did so, placing the snake on the passenger seat in his car. Unfortunately, the vehicle’s window was left open and when Louis returned to his car ten minutes later, the python was gone.

What happened? Louis believes the python may have been stolen, however, with an open window nearby, there is a solid chance it may have slithered outside on its own.

Have No Fear

While you may not be a fan of snakes, there is no need to panic if you happen upon Louis’s missing python because it’s nonvenomous. Phew!

In fact, ball pythons are actually rather docile, which is why they are popular pets among snake owners. They are also easily stressed and scared, which cases them to curl up into a ball—hence their name, “ball python”.

Where Could It Be?

Wondering where the missing python could be? Last seen near There are plenty of nearby spots it could be taking refuge, such as Marconi park and Culver Creek.

Snakes are solitary creatures, which means they love to hide; they can also easily wiggle into very small spots.

According to lovetoknow.com, ball pythons like quiet, dark spots, like under rocks or inside dark crevices; they also like to go where food is. Don’t worry, your dogs aren’t in danger. Ball pythons primarily eat small mammals like rats, mice and birds.

If You Have Any Info

If you have any information on the missing python, contact the Dannon Project at 205.202.5072 or contact Caleb Louis at 205.549.1695.

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