95 surveillance cameras are coming, but what are you doing to help the city? Here are three ways to help prevent crimes in Birmingham

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Members of the Birmingham Police Department – via wideblueline.com

As of Tuesday, the Birmingham City Council approved  95 surveillance cameras across Birmingham, including Ensley, Gate City, Kingston and Central Park. Birmingham is one of many cities across America that have started using  surveillance cameras to reduce crime.

With the city of Birmingham making these types of decisions it leads to a bigger conversation about ways citizens can prevent crime. Mayor Woodfin added, “No city can thrive when citizens do not feel safe in their homes, at work, or in too many of our communities. Birmingham needs a comprehensive strategy for reducing crime and enhancing the safety of all citizens. Our city government needs to invest all necessary resources to make neighborhoods safer, support first responders, and address the root causes of crime.”

Birmingham Police Chief
From right to left. New Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith, city councilmen Darrell O’Quinn and Steven Hoyt and Mayor Woodfin. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now.

Here are three ideas to help Birmingham become a better place by taking these preventative measures.

  • Mentor the Youth

It’s never too late to have someone help guide you in your personal life. The Mayor’s Office Division of Youth Services offer mentorship programs for the kids of Birmingham. There are several other organizations like Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Birmingham and Growing Kings. Guiding our youth to be leaders of the future can help reduce current and future crimes.

Sergio Williams, vice president of the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association and his mentor, Donna Hall.
  • Churches Serve as Locations of Possibility

No matter which denomination you believe in, churches are supposed to be a hub for where communities can be supported. Churches that have established programs for counseling services, job placement, and financial literacy are great resources for citizens to take part in. Having available resources to people who have a hard time psychologically and financially, will help lessen the stress of those who feel the need to commit crimes as a way to survive.

6th Avenue Baptist Church
6th Avenue Baptist Church in Birmingham, the day before Easter 2018. Photo by Pat Byington, Bham Now
  • Invest in Birmingham’s Blighted Neighborhoods

As the city is going through gentrification and revitalization, this is a great opportunity to invest into the community! Buy that abandoned lot and build a home there. A brand new home in an area where that doesn’t exist means that other new homes have the potential to exist there as well. You can also purchase abandoned properties and turn them into community centers or something that’s resourceful for other people. Citizens will value a community with new affordable housing and resources that are convenient to their neighborhoods and the need to commit a crime won’t seem necessary.

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Birmingham is one of the most beautiful cities in the country with a unique history and future. Mentoring the youth, churches serving the community and investing into neighborhoods are just a few ways in which we can continue to make Birmingham a better place to live and prevent crimes.

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