For the 8th year, Remy Fund continues to positively benefit the lives of animals and humans they touch

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 at 6.58.43 AM For the 8th year, Remy Fund continues to positively benefit the lives of animals and humans they touch
Ken Jackson with Remy. Photo by Beth Franklin of Hand in Paw.

Last week, the Remy Fund for Pets and Animal Services announced it is distributing $50,000 in grants to 11 companion animal (dogs, cats and horses) nonprofits serving Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair, Blount and Walker counties.

“It ( Remy Fund) affects the lives regarding every aspect of animals; spay, neutering fostering, rescuing, therapy, such as Special Equestrians or Hand in Paw. Animals have a special ability to touch people’s lives,” said Ken Jackson who established the Remy Fund, a Field of Interest Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, honoring his late dog, Remy.

Birmingham Alabama
Humans and dogs participate in the groundbreaking at the new Hand in Paws Headquarters – photo courtesy of Hand in Paw

Jackson has provided over $750,000 to the fund, and is also the donor of Remy’s Dog Park at Red Mountain Park. Since 2010, the Remy Fund has provided over $280,000 to support diverse animal organizations in our community.

“The Remy fund positively benefits the lives of animals and the humans they touch,” added Jackson. “Animals are so honest. They are so forgiving. When you meet a pit bull that has scars all over its body and you know it’s had a challenging life. And it is so gentle with children and other dogs. I’m thinking, if I had gone through what this dog had gone through, I wouldn’t have that same attitude.”

Below are the local organizations receiving funds this year:

    • Shelby Humane Society, $10,000, for the agency’s Quick Fix program, providing deeply discounted or free spay and neuter services to Shelby County residents; note that this is the largest award the Remy Fund has ever made
    • Walker County Humane Society, $6000, for the “Fix the Momma” program, providing no-cost spay services for dogs and cats in Walker County and the Kitty Fixin’ Program (new last year) that provides deeply discounted spay and neuter services during a short, defined time period
    • Bama Bully Rescue, $5000, to provide care for pit bulls and other “bully” breeds that have been abandoned, abused or neglected
    • Hand in Paw, $5000, to support the agency’s training and volunteer program with a goal of improving human health and well-being through animal-assisted therapy
  • Adorable and Adoptabel Pets of the Week: Batman and Delilah
    via The Greater Birmingham Humane Society
    • Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue, $5000, to support this free-roaming cat sanctuary and adoption center with food, litter, and spay and neuter surgeries
    • Special Equestrians, $5000, to provide care for horses in the animal-assisted equine therapy program
    • MomaKat Rescue, $4000, to provide adoption support for at-risk kittens, including medical care and socialization
    • Adopt A Golden, $3000, to support spay and neuter surgeries, routine and specialist veterinary services, and boarding for Goldens with special needs
    • The Red Barn, $3000, to provide care for the special needs horses in the animal-assisted equine therapy program, many of which have specific dietary and medical requirements
  • Adorable and Adoptable Pet of the Week Aubie Birmingham AL Bham Now
    via The Greater Birmingham Humane Society
    • Two by Two Rescue League, $3000, to support free spay and neuter days organized for high-need rural areas in and around Helena
    • K9ResQ, $1000, to provide spay and neuter and other veterinary services for animals in the program as well as spay and neuter for low income community.

“It is very gratifying for me to give back knowing that I’m making a difference. After 8 years, I’ve seen the difference in these organizations. People thank me and think I’m a nice person for doing this. I do it because it is really big fun,” concluded Jackson.

If you share a passion for pets and animal services, you can be part of the Remy Fund by making a gift to the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham on-line at or by check. The grant cycle for 2019 grants from the Remy Fund for Pets & Animal Services will open for applications March 15, 2019. For more information about grants contact Kim Rogers at 205.327.3804 or

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