Orchestra Partners to add additional paid parking between Avondale Common House and Wasabi Juan’s

Birmingham, Avondale, parking, paid parking, Avondale Common House, Wasbi Juan's
Avondale Common House. Photo via Avondale Common House’s website.

Avondale’s restaurant and nightlife scene has increased greatly in popularity within the past few years. So ya gotta ask, where is everyone supposed to park?

Additional Paid Parking

What started with just a random new bar or restaurant has turned into a truly impressive and exciting place to be. Avondale Common House, Fancy’s on Fifth, Wasabi Juan’s—these are just some of the incredible places that have made their home in Avondale. But with Avondale’s boom, more people are flocking to the area.

Birmingham, Avondale, paid parking, Avondale Common House
Photo by Patience Itson for Bham Now

Orchestra Partners has decided to add additional paid parking in the surface parking lot next door to Avondale Common House. (It’s the lot located near the corner of 41st and 3rd Ave S., between Avondale Common House and Wasabi Juan’s.)

A main reason for this is to stop those who have been abusing the lot by using it for an all-day parking space. Car squatters ’bout to bounce, y’all!

In a letter posted to Facebook, Orchestra Partners had this to say:

“These businesses survive on gross receipts from foot traffic, and their employees rely heavily on turning tables. Parking in this lot for extended periods deters patrons who might otherwise want to get in and out of these businesses in a short order.”

The Business Side

Since Orchestra Partners owns most of the block and buildings that house popular spots like Avondale Brewery, Avondale Common House and Post Office Pies, business owners aren’t involved in the decision to make the parking lot a pay lot. So how do they feel about it?

“We think it will definitely help with short-term parking!” said Ellen Rogers, co-owners of Avondale Common House.

Birmingham, Avondale, parking, paid parking, Avondale Common House, Wasabi Juan's
Parking lot between Avondale Common House and Wasabi Juan’s. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

Though the parking lot was supposed to become a paying lot this past weekend on Aug. 3, the parking kiosk still has a “Not in Service” sign taped to the front. So when the lot will truly become an official paying lot is still somewhat in the air.

However, one thing that we do know is that parking in the lot will cost $1.50 an hour on nights and weekends and $1 an hour on weekdays.

What do you think of the decision to turn this surface lot into a paid parking lot?

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