Are you ready for the first day of school Birmingham? Ensure you’re ready with help from this must-know guide!


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Celebrate back to school with sports! Photo via Oak Mountain Elementary School.

For everything Birmingham students need to know before heading back to school for the 2018-2019 school year, check out this guide.

The 1st Day of School

The last days of summer are winding down with many schools around the greater Birmingham area starting as early as Aug. 6. That’s just a couple days away! Whoa!

Do you know the exact date your school starts this year? If not, you better find out before you’re late for class!

For your first day back to school for the 2018-2019 calendar year, find your school below:

Private schools in the greater Birmingham area, follow a similar calendar year. If you attend a private institute, be sure to check your school’s website for an exact start date!

Did you know you can giveback to your school with a few simple steps?!

Planet Fundraiser is the smartest fundraising app on the planet! Sign up your school, club or team to start earning serious cash for the 2018-19 school year.

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Last-Minute Shopping Tips

Clothes. Shoes. School supplies. Do you have everything you need for the school year ahead? Here are some quick shopping tips to get those important last-minute items.

Dress to Impress (Clothes and Shoes)

One of the most exciting aspects of back-to-school shopping is the chance to get new clothes. Discover these trends for fall. (Great school uniform finds, too!)

Birmingham, Homewood High School
Homewood High School Students. Photo via Homewood High School PTO.
Supplies (Notebooks, Paper, Pencils/Pens, Backpacks)

Along with all of the basicslike notebooks, paper, pencils and pens, backpacks are one of the most useful, but expensive, items on your back-to-school shopping list.

Here are some important tips when shopping for this school essential:

    • Don’t skimp on quality.
    • Ensure it can stand the test of time. (You don’t want to have to purchase a new backpack halfway through the school year!)
    • Find the correct size. It should be able to fit everything you need, but should also be comfortable and supportive on the back.

Check out these top-rated backpacks:

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Michelle Black, a nurse at Moody Jr. High and High School, and Leah Gilbert an 8th grader at Odenville Middle School shopping for school supplies at Target in Fultondale.
Check yourself before school!!

Whether you need immunizations, checkups or sports physical exams, we can do it all at American Family Care. We’re open extended hours, so you can easily find time during the back-to-school rush to squeeze in your checkup. Get in, get out and enjoy the last few days of summer break while you can. 

  • Brown Bag It in Style

Brown bagging should be fun, not matter how old you are. Here are some lunch boxes and carriers that are perfect for all school ages.

  • Solvetta Flatbox Lunch Bag. This soft-sided lunch bag features a comfortable handle on top and when you unzip the sides and lay it flat, it becomes a placemat. Convenient and cool!
  • Bentology Lunch Bag and Box Set. For kids who like to compartmentalize their lunch, the Bentology lunch bag is a perfect choice. Check out all those compartments!
Technology (Laptops, Computers)

A wonderful perk of being a student (especially a college student) is that you rarely have to pay full price for electronics. Just show your college transcript or student I.D. card and you will reap great discounts.

  • Acer Aspire E 15 Notebook. Colorful 108op display, eight-hour battery life and a strong build make this laptop a great choice for students.
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Photo via Altamont School.
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