Fitness fans are raving about the newest gym in Birmingham, meet Nexus Fitness! Plus you can get a free week of classes!


Nexus Fitness, founded by former Clemson football player Chris Wade, is a fitness training facility with a mission to create an engaging community that empowers you to become your best self! Nexus Fitness is easily-accessible at 187 Oxmoor Road in Homewood and has quickly gained a following from the Birmingham community.

Screen Shot 2018 07 31 at 11.14.32 AM Fitness fans are raving about the newest gym in Birmingham, meet Nexus Fitness! Plus you can get a free week of classes!
Meet new people and workout in a state of the art fitness facility! Photo via Nexus Fitness

The sense of community and support at Nexus Fitness propels our members to reach new goals, make lasting friendships and become a part of something bigger than themselves.

– Chris Wade

Two Workouts

Nexus Fitness offers two types of workouts at the same facility: Xcel and Crossfit. With both workouts, every client has access to innovative technology, equipment and fitness techniques designed to make each workout safer, more efficient and enjoyable. Both workouts can be scaled up or down for all ages and fitness levels.

  • Xcel. At Nexus Fitness, Xcel is a high-energy class format that focuses on heart rate-based, high-intensity interval training. With the use of MyZone heart rate monitors, you are able to track your progress and effort throughout each class — and over time as you come to more classes. Nexus believes that safety is key for any workout, and with Trueform treadmills, Concept 2 rowers and TRX straps, you will never pick up a barbell. You will be led by an experienced and knowledgeable fitness coach who is ready to motivate you to succeed!
  • CrossFit. CrossFit will never leave you bored! With its constantly varied, high-intensity movements, the workouts are broad, general and inclusive. No matter your size or shape, CrossFit can help you improve your physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness. Though it may seem intimidating at first, the CrossFit program at Nexus Fitness is an encouraging, challenging and positive experience. CrossFit is designed to help you build a strong and capable body.

Child Care

Nexus Fitness wants you to be able to enjoy your workout, without worrying about what your kids are doing or where they are. With a dedicated child care facility inside Nexus, you can bring your kids to the gym with you! Every Nexus Fitness Childcare attendant has passed a background check and is certified in CPR and first aid. Finally, a gym where you can focus on what you’re doing, knowing your child is safe and having fun!

Screen Shot 2018 07 31 at 11.15.18 AM Fitness fans are raving about the newest gym in Birmingham, meet Nexus Fitness! Plus you can get a free week of classes!
Bring your kiddos to the gym! Nexus Fitness has a great child-care! Photo via Nexus Fitness

I began going to Nexus the first week it opened and I see no end in sight! The classes are challenging, yet doable, and the feeling you have after each class keeps you wanting more! And one of the best parts… they have childcare! How awesome! I brought my two kiddos during spring break and they loved going!

– Nexus Fitness member, Ashley Patete Hamlin

Referral Program

Thinking you might want to try out Nexus Fitness? I know I want to!
If you’re ready to give Nexus Fitness a go, then take advantage of a week of FREE classes Nexus Fitness is offering from August 20-26th. Throughout the week, you can try XCel and CrossFit as many times as you want — and all for free.

Now is your time to try Nexus Fitness! Sign up for your FREE week here: 

Best workout you will get in Birmingham! Gym is brand new with the latest equipment and the workouts are always new and focus on results… No reason to workout anywhere else!

– Nexus Fitness member, Reuben Raposo
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Phone: 205-757-3618
Address: 187 Oxmoor Road, Homewood AL 35209


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