2 cocktail bars prepare to open in Birmingham, including Queen’s Park

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Laura Newton and Larry “Mudd” Townley with dogs Trousers and Penny. Drink-Queen’s Park Swizzle. Photo via John Elrod.

It’s almost time for cocktail hour as two new bars are gearing up to open in Birmingham—Queen’s Park and Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar.

Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar

Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar will open its doors on Friday, August 3 at 6pm.

Similar to Birmingham’s Marble Ring, Pilcrow will offer a similar “secretive” speakeasy theme, which is partly why you haven’t seen too many photos lurking around the Internet just yet.

When you visit, you will find a full craft cocktail menu specializing in agave spirits. Check out the full menu.

Birmingham, Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar, speakeasy, Birmingham speakeasy, cocktail bar, Birmingham cocktail bar
Photo via Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar’s Facebook page.
The Secret’s Sort Of Out

Where will Pilcrow’s “secretive” location be? You can find it at 2015 1st Ave N. in the basement of the Founder’s Station building. Click here for a more detailed description of its whereabouts. The building is also home to The Essential, a newly-opened cafe and bar. Check it out.

Hours are set for Tues.-Thurs. from 3pm-12am and Fri.-Sat. from 3pm-2am.

Birmingham, Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar
Photo via Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar’s Facebook page.
Queen’s Park

Queen’s Park, another cocktail bar, is also revving up to open in Birmingham.

Who’s behind it?

Laura Newman and Larry “Mudd” Townley.

Newman, a Brooklyn native, moved to Birmingham in 2017. Most recently, she became the first woman ever to win the USBG World-Class 2018 Competition.

While her move to Birmingham was only supposed to be temporary, Newman said,

“[I] was so taken by the booming local food and beverage scene that [I] immediately decided to open a bar,” Newman said.

Birmingham, Queen's Park Bar
Laura Newman, co-owner of Queen’s Park. Photo via Laura Newman.

Townley is a Birmingham native and has worked in the Birmingham bar scene for 14 years. He most recently served as the general manager for Dave’s Pub for 10 years and also served on the board of the Five Points Merchants Association.

Birmingham, Queen's Park Bar
Larry “Mudd” Townley, co-owner of Queen’s Park. Photo via Laura Newman.
Amazing Cocktails

Named after an old, Eastern European-style grand hotel that opened in Trinidad in the late 1800s, Queen’s Park will show off a marble bar top, neon sign and lush greenery.

It will also serve an array of classic cocktails from the familiar to the lesser-known, as well as:

  • Proprietary cocktails
  • Package beer
  • Wine

Bar tools will be available for purchase, too.

What are the owners most excited about?

“It’s hard to choose,” Newman said. “However, I think the thing we are most excited about is the phenomenal programming we have lined up.”

So what does Queen’s Park have up its cocktail sleeve? Two really exciting events.

Birmingham, Queen's Park Bar, cocktail bar, Birmingham bars, Birmingham cocktail bars
Queen’s Park in progress. Photo via Queen’s Park’s Facebook page.

Queen’s Park will be the first bar in the state of Alabama to do the nationwide annual Miracle pop-up event.

Starting the day after Thanksgiving and lasting until New Year’s Eve, Queen’s Park will transform into a holiday-themed wonderland featuring specialty cocktails. Custom drink-ware will also be available for purchase.

“We are thrilled to be bringing a nationwide cocktail event to our favorite city or the first time,” Newman said.

Queen’s Park will also be holding a one night pop-up event at Roots and Revelry. During the event, Queen’s Park will be taking over the bar at R&R for a few hours to make some of the cocktails that are set to be on their menu—a menu that will feature over 50 drinks.

Birmingham, Queen's Park Bar
Photo via Queen’s Park’s Facebook page.
Why Birmingham?

Newman and Townley gush that they are extremely passionate about contributing to Birmingham’s burgeoning food and beverage scene.

“The downtown Loft District is a cool, up-and-coming neighborhood,” Newman said. “[We] want to raise the bar for what a cocktail bar can be.”

You can find Queen’s Park at 112 24th St. N.

Opening date? Mid-September 2018.

Which cocktail bar are you most excited for?

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