Penny-a-Page coupon only good Wednesday Aug. 1st at Alabama Books-A-Million stores. Get it here.

Birmingham, Alabama, Books-A-Million Penny-A-Page
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Things are looking up for thrifty bookworms. In Alabama stores only, Wednesday, August 1, is Penny-A-Page day at Books-A-Million. Print your coupon, then get to your nearest Books-A-Million to pick up the next fiction or non-fiction book on your reading list for only $0.01 per page.

It’s a no-brainer that this event needs to go on your calendar ASAP. (You’re keying in a reminder as you read this, right?) Narrowing down your selection to one book is the hard part, so let’s talk strategy.

1. The Planner

After some Sunday browsing on the Books-A-Million website, I have just about settled on “Sometimes I Lie,” a 272-page debut novel by Alice Feeney. (Penny-A-Page math: 272 x $0.01 = $2.72.)

Birmingham, Alabama, Books-A-Million Penny-A-Page
Book cover via Books-A-Million

I love paging my way through the hottest days of summer with a good psychological thriller, and my choice will ring in at less than $3 during the August 1 promotion. Sweet!

Here are a few ways to plan ahead for your Penny-A-Page deal:

Remember, print your Penny-A-Page coupon before you head down to Books-A-Million on Wednesday, August 1. Present the coupon at the register to score the deal.

Birmingham, Alabama, Books-A-Million Penny-A-Page
Penny-A-Page math: 464 x $0.01 = $4.64. Book cover via Books-A-Million

“We are always looking for new ways to engage avid readers,” said Scott Kappler, chief marketing officer for Books-A-Million. “Penny-A-Page offers a fun opportunity for readers of all ages to explore a new world within the pages of their favorite book.

“From wrapping up summer reading and preparing for back-to-school to getting a jump start on holiday shopping, this is a can’t-miss day to stock up on the best books around!”

2. The Gift Buyer

Buy a meaningful gift for the price of what’s in your loose change jar.

Penny-A-Page math: 304 x $0.01 = $3.04. Book cover via Books-A-Million

You can’t beat Penny-A-Page for finding a budget-friendly gift for that birthday around the corner. I’m running a bit behind, so I still have a graduation gift to buy.

Birmingham, Alabama, Books-A-Million Penny-A-Page
Penny-A-Page math: 192x $0.01 = $1.92. Book cover via Books-A-Million
3. The Great American Reader

Recently, 7,200 people across America weighed in to help PBS narrow down a list of the top 100 books that have “inspired, moved and shaped us.” The result: The Great American Read list.

Birmingham, Alabama, Books-A-Million Penny-A-Page
Penny-A-Page math: 247 x $0.01 = $2.47. Book cover via Books-A-Million

I’ve read only 20 of the 100 books on the list, so I could stand to up my literature game with a Penny-A-Page deal on August 1.

Want to know your Great American Read score? Download this handy-dandy checklist to tally it up.

Birmingham, Alabama, Books-A-Million Penny-A-Page
This is my favorite of the 100 books on The Great American Read list. Penny-A-Page math: 608 x $0.01 = $6.08. Book cover via Books-A-Million
4. The “I’ll See What Strikes Me” Shopper

Grab a coffee drink, wander through the aisles and enjoy that Books-A-Million air-conditioning that always seems just a bit cooler than your home AC.

When a book calls to you, pick it up. Read a page or two. You’ll find the right one.

Penny-A-Page math: 352 x $0.01 = $ 3.52. Book cover via Books-A-Million

Make sure to present your Penny-A-Page coupon at the register to take advantage of this amazing deal at Books-A-Million on August 1. 

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