The top 5 Birmingham GoFundMe initiatives including Parker High School Band Uniforms

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Kiwanis Birmingham
Walkers on the Kiwanis Vulcan Trail

GoFundMe is the popular social campaign fundraising platform, that many people utilize to raise money towards efforts that are dear to their hearts. Gathered here are some touching stories of a high school band, an athlete, a disabled person, and more, who are all looking for some assistance to help them through life’s challenging road blocks. New to Bham Now, we will periodically highlight new GoFundMe campaigns in the Birmingham area.

1. A.H. Parker High School Band Uniforms
Photo Courtesy of A.H. Parker United Alumni Association

Did you know that in the year 1900, A.H. Parker High School was the first high school for African Americans in Birmingham, and in 1946 was named the largest high school for African Americans in the world?

Today, Parker High is asking for your support in helping them raise money towards their band uniforms, and are hoping that graduating classes will compete for the largest donation! Therefore, if you are an alum or support the historical contributions of A.H. Parker High School, then this is the perfect cause to donate towards!

2. Green Groceries Initiatives
Photo Courtesy of Roxanne Carlisle.

CLJ Gives is an organization that’s mission is to end poverty through education and lifestyle skills. CLJ has started the Green Groceries Initiatives, to distribute free produce to communities in need with limited resources to fresh produce.

CLJ’s GoFundMe started in late June, and they are looking for more donations and support across social media from their Birmingham neighbors.

3. Willie Wyatt Medical Fund
Photo Courtesy of Beverly Bell from the GoFundMe page

If you’re an Alabama Football fan, then you’ve probably heard of Willie Wyatt. Willie is a graduate of Gardendale High School and the University of Alabama. In 1990 he was drafted into the NFL, and continued to play until 2001. Upon his retirement from the major leagues, his next career move was to coach at Hueytown High School, but more recently, continued to coach at his alma mater, Gardendale High School.

In 2014, Willie was diagnosed with having a rare form of MS (Multiple Sclerosis), called Tumefactive MS. Over time, the disease became aggressive and in 2017 he became dependent on 24 hour care, and has lost the ability to walk and talk.

4. Wheelchair Van & Ramp – Ed Burdick
Photo courtesy of Ed Burdick.

Ed Burdick has Birmingham running through his blood. He attended John Carroll Catholic High School and graduated from UAB, and worked there for 18 years as well. Ed was born with Cerebral Palsy, but was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, and has severe osteoporosis.

As Ed has gotten older, it has been increasingly become more difficult to get around. His doctors have suggested that he get a handicapped accessible van, however, that is a really expensive purchase. Ed is almost 50% of the way towards his fundraiser goal, and could use an extra boost to get there!

5. Vulcan Shine Even Brighter – Kiwanis Club

The Kiwanis Club of Birmingham has been working on the Kiwanis Centennial Park at Vulcan Park and Museum for a few years now, and the project is almost complete! The goal of this project is to have Vulcan “to enhance Vulcan’s role as the heart of a new and dynamic Birmingham…”
Most importantly, this particular GoFundMe campaign is specifically focused on the third phase of the project, by having a multi-colored light show every night on the Vulcan.

Kiwanis Birmingham
Ribbon cutting at the new Kiwanis Centennial Park, an expansion to Vulcan Park and Museum. Photo by Pat Byington.
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