This Birmingham Dad knows the number 1 reason SUV buyers stick with Adamson Ford

Birmingham, Alabama, Adamson Ford
Trebor Dukes. Photo by Bham Now

He’s a sales expert and a dad, too.  Trebor Dukes is always on the go, and his affordable SUV with lots of perks from Adamson Ford makes all the difference when it comes to getting from one place to another quicklyand with lots of room to grow.

Things like touch screens and phone connectivity can make or break a road trip—or even a trip to the grocery store with the kiddos. When it comes to your automobile and your busy family,  it’s all about space.

Birmingham, Alabama, Adamson Ford
Check out this Adamson Ford summer special: a white platinum 2017 Ford Explorer Limited Edition. Photo via Adamson Ford
The Dad Taxi

Dukes knows what it’s like to haul around a growing family. He’s a working dad, with a roomy Ford SUV that goes from soccer games to the beach, packed with all the things they need.

IMG 1034 This Birmingham Dad knows the number 1 reason SUV buyers stick with Adamson Ford

And while having enough space is key, there’s connectivity for everyone to plug in those phones, along with state-of-the-art safety features. A roomy vehicle may be on top of your priority list, but technology and security are vital to families looking for that perfect SUV.

“SUVs are our best sellers right now for a lot of families who are familiar with driving sedansthey are more comfortable with transitioning into an SUV-style vehicle as their family grows. As a father, I can understand that.”


Did you know? Ford just received their highest ever new car quality ranking, beating out Toyota and Honda.

Birmingham, Alabama, Adamson Ford
You never know when cargo or passengers are going in back. So when stuff’s got to go, it can go in here. The 2018 Ford EcoSport has tons of room. It’s one of many options available at Adamson Ford. Via Ford Motor Company.

It’s summertime, and the driving is easy with an SUV. Check out some of Adamson Ford’s current specials online.

IMG 1023 This Birmingham Dad knows the number 1 reason SUV buyers stick with Adamson Ford

All Those Perks!

While the features differ depending on what you buy, Ford is known for better tech and safer, more efficient, lower-emission vehicles. When it comes to new SUVs, there’s lots of outlets for those phones, along with keyless entry, a rear-view camera and second-row seating. These Ford safety features really stand out, too:

  • The Ford SYNC driver connect system, a command system co-developed with Microsoft.
  • Airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS) and an electronic stability program (ESP). That’s computerized technology that improves a vehicle’s stability and reduces skidding.
  • In addition, there’s electric power-assisted steering (EPAS), hill launch assist and rear parking sensors.
Birmingham, Alabama, Adamson Ford
Via Ford Motor Company.
This Is Genius

Dukes loves to tell Birmingham car buyers about one specific feature that is really helpful: There are Ford models that will parallel park for you!

It’s called parking assist, and it’s just the thing for city living and navigating all those parallel parking spaces in and around the Birmingham-metro area.

“If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to park, then parking assist is for you,” Dukes said.

“It actually falls into the category of a safety feature. Most of the time, those vehicles with parking assist also have lane assist, so when you’re driving you are alerted when someone is in your blind spot.

“That really helps with merging, especially here in Birmingham and all the construction on the highways. Anything to keep you safe helps when you are behind the wheel.”

Yes, parallel parking is now a breeze, even in Birmingham. You just push a button on the main console and active park assist steers you into parking spaces. Don’t fret if you’re not into the SUVsthis feature is on a variety of Ford makes and models.

Here are the Ford models that have it:

  • Ford C-Max hybrid
  • C-Max Energi
  • Explorer
  • Escape
  • Flex
  • Focus
  • Fusion
  • Fusion Energi
  • Fusion Hybrid
  • Taurus
  • Lincoln MKS, MKT and MKZ
1 This Birmingham Dad knows the number 1 reason SUV buyers stick with Adamson Ford
Here’s a 2018 Ford Escape S FWD ready for you to drive away with today at Adamson Ford. Photo via Adamson Ford.
Fords And More

Whether you’re coming to Adamson to buy an SUV or something else, variety makes Adamson stand out as a dealership. Their inventory includes other brands, too!

Since 1918, they’ve been a family-owned business offering new and used automobiles, as well as service and repair. Adamson Ford is located on 922 2nd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233.

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