Shots from 7th annual SliceFest at Lakeview (photo gallery)

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One delicious slice of pizza consumed at the 7th annual SliceFest on Saturday. Photo by Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now.

Did you catch us this past Saturday at SliceFest? If you missed it, you missed out! Here are our favorite shots from the Slice Pizza and Brewhouse festival: 

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In case you missed it

One of the most popular local festivals in Birmingham, SliceFest came back for their 7th consecutive year to grace us with fly music and fantastic food. We’d been waiting all year for this delicious event! In our last article, we told you about all the attractions coming to Slice’s block party stomping grounds. If that wasn’t reason enough to snatch a ticket before they sold out, these are our picks for the shots that’ll make you wish you were there now.

Shots from SliceFest
Aviate ambassadors stand at their table to promote the local business. Pictured to the left is the iconic BHM hat. Photo by Pat Byington.
Many local vendors set up shop for festival-goers to enjoy a slice of Birmingham. Photo by Pat Byington.
The Beverage Tent supplies local brews as well as big names for the event. Photo by Pat Byington.
The crowd packs Coca-Cola’s Be Local stage. Photo by Jacob Blankenship.
Among the merch tents and tables, the Red Diamond Coffee and Tea Truck was there for the party. Photo by Jacob Blankenship.
Attendees check out the lineup of bands at the festival. Tents in the background spotlight local companies in Birmingham. Photo by Jacob Blankenship.
Nick MacDaniels, the lead vocal and guitarist of the Big Something band, smiles at the energetic crowd. Photo by Jacob Blankenship.
Nick MacDaniels and Jesse Hensley of Big Something guitar battle it out on the stage. Photo by Jacob Blankenship.
As the show runs late into the evening, lights from the stage beam out from afar. Photo by Jacob Blankenship.
The inside scoop

For more inside looks, check out our live video on Facebook straight from the festival grounds!

What was your favorite part of SliceFest 2018?

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