Have you taken your dog on these 6 great dog-friendly walks in Birmingham including Moss Rock Preserve?

Screen Shot 2018 06 06 at 11.39.58 AM Have you taken your dog on these 6 great dog-friendly walks in Birmingham including Moss Rock Preserve?
BRB melting. (Via @nova_and_finn)

Have you taken your dog to these parks in Birmingham? Prepare yourself for lots of adorable puppy pics.

With all this gorgeous weather lately, we’re super tempted to bail on our commitments and hit the trails with our furry friends.

After seeing all the options Birmingham has to offer you might be too. Which park will you go to first?

Rotary Trail + Railroad Park

The Rotary Trail sign is one of Birmingham’s most unique landmarks. But have you actually walked the trail before?

Although the famous Rotary Trail is only half a mile long, it’s one of the best ways to see some of downtown’s sights.

We recommend parking at Railroad Park and walking the beautifully landscaped Rotary Trail along First Avenue.  When you reach the end at  24th Street, walk on back to Railroad park to keep exploring.

And did you hear Railroad Park was named the best park in Alabama by MONEY Magazine? Slow clap because that’s amazing.

With its big grassy fields, pond, skateboarding rink, and 3/4 mile track, this park can be an outing for you and your pet all on its own.

Which do you and your pup prefer – Railroad Park, Rotary Trail or both? Let us know!

Avondale Park

But don’t overlook this gorgeous park just a few minutes down the road.

Avondale Park’s 40 acres are complete with ducks, walking paths and an outdoor amphitheater.

And added bonus: Avondale’s restaurants.  I mean, if you haven’t brought your dog to at least one of these, he has a right to chew your shoes.

Red Mountain Park

Red Mountain Park is an amazing spot for getting away from the city, hiking, and exploring.

Be still my heart. ^^^

From tons of trails and treehouses to its own dog park, Red Mountain Park is perfect for your next walk. Their fenced in dog park is a great way for you to get outside and let your pup be social.

What’s your favorite trail at the park? We want to hear!

Jemison Trail


We think you’ll love walking your pup on this gorgeous Mountain Brook trail.

Runners and walkers pack Jemison Trail especially as the weather warms up, so why not join them?

Between the beautiful homes, big, shady trees, and refreshing streams,  Jemison is hard to beat.

And with all Mountain Brook Village has to offer just a short walk away, why not make it a win-win for you and the pup? Treat yo self.

Rhodes Park


This charming park off of Highland Avenue has a history of celebrating Birmingham’s pups.

If you missed Do Dah Day last month, Birmingham threw one crazy party to celebrate its dogs-complete with a parade,  live music and inflatables.

Take a stroll around this beautiful park and then stop by Rojo or O’Henrys to enjoy the weather on their outdoor patios.

This is actually one of my dreams but since I don’t own a dog yet I need you to enjoy this for me. K? Thanks. (Please send pics.)

Moss Rock- Moss Rock Tacos & Tapas
Moss Rock,
I mean just look at how happy that dog is. (Via Moss Rock Tacos & Tequila’s website)

Last but not least stop on by Moss Rock Preserve on a sunny Saturday and explore the boulders, waterfalls and trails with your furry friend.  Then walk over to some of the great dog-friendly restaurants at the Preserve.

Birmingham, Moss Rock
We love this place’s cool colored tables and outdoor seating! (Via Moss Rock Tacos & Tequila’s website)

Moss Rock Tacos & Tequila has fantastic outdoor seating, perfect for you and man’s best friend. Just imagine chowing down on their carnitas taco with a margarita in hand on a beautiful evening with your pup by your side. Pretty nice amirite?

We can’t wait to see where you and your doggie adventure next! Send us pics at hello@bhamnow.com and we’ll share.

Where’s your favorite dog-walking spot? Let us know what we missed!

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Have you taken your dog on these 6 great dog-friendly walks in Birmingham including Moss Rock Preserve?

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