Confessions of a savvy sales lady! 5 do’s and don’ts about car buying from Adamson Ford’s credit expert.

Birmingham, Alabama, Adamson Ford
Adamson Ford’s Christie Taylor can show you how to lease or buy a car today.

She’s not here to take advantage of you. She’s here to make sure you’re not overwhelmed with the details of a car purchase. So, relax. Adamson Ford’s Car Credit Genie Christie Taylor guides us through the do’s and don’ts of car buying.

Birmingham, Alabama, Adamson Ford
Adamson Ford’s Car Credit Genie Christie Taylor.
Do: Figure Out What You Want

Extended warranties, sound systems, sunroofs, special colors, wheels … These are just some of the add-ons or options for the car you want to buy.

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with shopping or taking your time when considering what bells and whistles you want. So do that. Call a sales expert or stop into the dealership after you’ve spent some time online narrowing down your choices. That way, when you get ready to buy, your detailed decisions have already been made.

Don’t: Let Bad Bad Credit Stop You

“A lot of customers shy away from the dealerships because they think ‘Oh, my credit isn’t great—I just don’t think I can get approved.

“I help customers from an 800 all the way down to a 400,” said Christie Taylor, one of Adamson Ford’s sales experts. “That’s why they call me the Car Credit Genie.”

Do: Know What You Can Afford

While you shouldn’t let bad credit stop you, it’s key to know your credit score and your budget. Taylor said that having your finances in order also means that you’re prepared to bring in paperwork to the dealership when you’re ready to buy.

Birmingham, Alabama, Adamson Ford
The inside of Adamson Ford, via Bham Now, Adamson Ford

“If you know these these tips before coming into the dealership, you’ll really be surprised at how much time you’ll save when it comes to the actual sale.”

Adamson Ford
All smiles after the deal is done! Photo via Adamson Ford.
Don’t: Lose Focus

There are different components to car buying, and your monthly payment is top priority. Taylor said it’s crucial that her customers see the big picture, though: price. She’s going to be honest with you, going over each step of the sale. While it can be a lot of information coming at you at once, it’s not overwhelming when you break it down. Here’s how to handle it:

  • Zero in on the total price of the car purchase.
  • Shine a light on the terms of your agreement.
  • Understand the bottomline: How long will you be making those payments?
  • The better you understand how much, for how long, the more confident you will be with your purchase.

“Price is the easiest part of my job,” Taylor said. “It’s important to me that you find the vehicle you can see yourself driving away in today.”

Do: One Thing At A Time

Oh, it’s easy to get confused after all that. So many choices! The cost, the financing, the make and model, along with other options you may be considering. You may have a trade-in, too. No biggie. Separate each of these parts into separate pieces and tackle them one at a time.

“We’ll look at each part of your sale on its own level,” Taylor said. “You want to talk about a lease, a trade-in? O.K. One thing at time. We’ll knock it all out.”

Birmingham, Alabama, Adamson Ford
The Zeigler family and Adamson Ford sales veteran Fred Williams. Photo submitted.

With Taylor’s insider tips, a bit of organization and a little legwork on your part, buying or leasing a car or truck from Adamson Ford is a breeze. No matter where you are with your credit score, financing can still happen. Reach out and make a connection with Christie, the Car Credit Genie, today.

Since 1918, they’ve been a family-owned business offering new and used automobiles, as well as service and repair. Adamson Ford is located on 922 2nd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233.

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