Go all out on your pet’s costume for Birmingham’s classic Do Dah Day May 19

Birmingham, Alabama, Do Dah Day
Everybody loves a dog on a skateboard. It’s time for Do Dah Day, y’all! Photo submitted.

Birmingham’s legendary celebration of the animals kicks off this weekend! Here’s everything you need to know to navigate Do Dah Day like a pro.

Birmingham, Alabama, Do Dah Day
Wonder Woman at Do Dah Day, 1981. Via dodahday.org.
The OG Of Magic City Events

First things first—it’s Birmingham’s oldest event and a true original. When I was in high school around these parts Do Dah Day was a right of passage, like City Stages. Remember Brother Cane? The Velcro Pygmies? Now I want a gyro from Moneer’s. Thanks, memories.

Birmingham, Alabama, Do Dah Day
Do Dah Day 2015, via dodahday.org.
Bring Your Pet, Don Your Costumes

While the main event is Saturday, May 19, Do Dah diehards will kick things off Friday. Here are the details:

  • Do Dah Eve: Friday, May 18, 7 to 11 p.m. @ ¡Cantina!. This is so much fun. You’ll be checking out the candidates campaigning to become this year’s Do Dah Day King and Queen.
  • Do Dah Day: Saturday, May 19 @ Caldwell and Rhodes Parks in Southside.
  • Parade registration begins @ 9:01 a.m.
  • The parade will start on Highland Ave & 33rd St. S.
  • Floats and cars in the parade should be on site by 9:45 a.m.
  • Parade starts at 11:01 a.m along Highland Avenue.
  • Festivities begin at 12:01 p.m. in the parks!
Birmingham, Alabama, Do Dah Day
Queen Katie and King Isaac along with Pet Queen Iris and King Ibis from Do Dah Day 2017. Photo submitted.

Here’s a map of the parade starting point.

Birmingham, Alabama, Do Dah Day
A float from Do Dah Day 2017. Photo submitted.
Birmingham’s Best Parade

Do Dah Day welcomes you and your animals and your glitter, sunglasses, wigs, super hero costumes, you get the drift. This little nugget from their website sums up the wacky, weird, wonderful and welcoming vibes of an event every Birmingham native loves.

“The Do Dah Day parade is recruiting entrants of all kinds, including marching bands, briefcase drill teams, synchronized dancers, mimes, clowns, decorated cars and creative floats, and anyone that wants to walk in the parade with their animal, with a dictate to be festive.”

Birmingham, Alabama, Do Dah Day
King George, the 2016 Do Dah Day Pet King, via Laura Cornett, Facebook.
The Do Dah Day Royal Treatment

So, here’s the deal. Yes, there are prizes for participating in Do Dah Day. You just have to compete in one of the parade categories:

  • Best Float
  • Best Team
  • Largest Pet
  • Best Movie-Themed Pet or Pet/Human Group
  • Best Dressed Pet
  • Best Pet/Owner Look-Alike

Here’s more information about registering. Don’t forget there will be live music and vendors on Saturday. Bring a blanket and enjoy!

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