Piper & Leaf Tea Co. coming soon to the Pizitz Food Hall

Piper & Leaf, Pizitz, Birmingham
This is the start of something brew-tea-ful (Via Piper & Leaf’s Facebook)

Bham’s favorite tea company is moving into the Pizitz Food Hall in the next few weeks. Get all the tea puns and sweet details here.

Piper & Leaf Opens Downtown Birmingham Location
Piper & Leaf, Pizitz, Birmingham
Get ready Birmingham! (Via Piper & Leaf’s Facebook)

If you haven’t yet stopped by the tea company’s stand at Pepper Place or their Lowe’s Mill storefront, you’re in luck (and you need to get out more).

Piper & Leaf has been serving joy and tea at Pepper Place for the last 5 years.  This past winter the people at the Pizitz approached P&L to see if they would be interested in an upgrade from their farmers market stand to a permanent installment.

Piper & Leaf, Pizitz, Birmingham
Via Piper & Leaf’s Facebook

After a difficult attempt to set up shop on First Ave. in Woodlawn, P&L jumped at this chance to more firmly set their roots in the Birmingham community.

“The Pizitz shop is basically like a glorified farmers market tent. This opportunity is really economical for us and has the potential to let Piper & Leaf be apart of something really cool while serving a lot of our fans.”

-Connor, co-owner of Piper & Leaf

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Via P&L’s Facebook

Right now they’re just wai-teaing on their last health inspection for the 150 square foot shop before opening. Piper & Leaf’s Pizitz Shop plans to celebrate their soft opening in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

More Special-tea Brews to Come
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Via Piper & Leaf’s Facebook

P&L’s Pizitz shop is still working on finalizing their menu, but they did let me in on a few secrets.  They plan to offer a few more options than their normal Pepper Place menu, specifically in the special-tea drink area.

“The Pizitz brings a mix of businesses, customers, and ideas into a common place to connect. Piper & Leaf started with the purpose of creating community and we’re excited to be apart of a place that does that on a daily basis. ”

-Connor, Co-owner of Piper & Leaf

Piper & Leaf, Pizitz, Facebook
Yum. (Via P&L’s Facebook)

While all their normal tea options will be available, they’re also playing around with the idea of on-tap cold brew coffee, pour over, ‘sparkling’ (carbonated) tea, and their ‘frother’ which whips tea and milk together.

We’re already thirs-tea for all of these incredible drinks and can’t wait to stop by their new shop to escape the heat this summer.

What’s your favorite Piper & Leaf tea blend? Let us know in the comments!
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