Birmingham’s Chez Fonfon named best place to get a burger in Alabama by MSN

Birmingham, MSN, Chez Fonfon, Frank Stitt, Birmingham burgers, Birmingham restaurants
Chez Fonfon staff with Chef Frank Stitt. Photo via Chez Fonfon.

Burgers. Big or small, casual or fancy, meaty or cheesy, they’re an American favorite. And they all pair great with ketchup! So where can you get the best burger in Alabama? According to MSN, it’s at Birmingham’s very own Chez Fonfon

Alabama: Chez Fonfon

As you may know, Chez Fonfon is one of Birmingham’s popular french bistro cafes created by the legendary Frank and Pardis Stitt – owners of Highlands Bar and Grill and Bottega.

Why is Chez Fonfon’s burger declared as the best in Alabama?

This impressive burger is made with in-house ground beef that’s shaped into an eight oz. patty, cooked on the griddle and topped with comté cheese, grilled red onion, lettuce, pickles and tomatoes.

Très bon, non?

Here’s when and where to find Chez Fonfon’s burger:

Address: 2007 Highland Ave S., Birmingham, AL 35205
Hours: Tues.-Thurs. 11am-10pm; Fri. 11am-10:30pm; Sat. 5pm-10:30pm

Birmingham, Chez Fonfon, Birmingham burgers, Birmingham restaurants
Chez Fonfon burger. Photo by Pat Byington.
Georgia: Holeman and Finch Public House

Mmm… a double-patty burger of fresh-ground grass-fed chuck and brisket with American cheese, pickles and onions, and served on a toasted house-baked bun. Sounds delish! Especially since it comes with homemade ketchup and fresh-cut fries.

Try it next time your road trip takes you to Atlanta.

Florida: Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink

If your summer plans take you to the sunny state of Florida and a burger is calling your name, then you may want to check out Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink. Located in Miami, this popular restaurant serves first-rate burgers. Beef is house-ground Black Angus from California’s Harris Ranch. Topped with melted house-smoked bacon and blue or vermont white cheddar, this noted burger is served on a brioche bun.

Tennessee: Earnestine and Hazel’s

This Memphis joint is known for its jukebox and bar featuring slow-cooked “soul burgers”. Each burger is prepared thin, perfectly seared and served on a soft white bun. The kicker? It’s splashed with a couple squirts of Worcestershire sauce while it cooks.

Memphis, Tenessee, Earnestine and Hazel's, George Russell
The late Russell George, owner of Earnestine and Hazel’s. Photo via Earnest and Hazel’s.

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