Learn from the Davis family why you need to participate in United Ability Day

United Ability
Photo from Laura Davis

Recently, Bham Now met with the Chris and Laura Davis from Vestavia Hills about the work of United Ability and how their daughter Grace has inspired and enriched their lives.

It’s a life-changing story that you can be a part of by participating in United Ability Day on April 27.

The deadline to purchase your United Ability Day t-shirt for co-workers, friends and family members is fast approaching. Orders must be received by Friday, April 20. (the deadline was extended)

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Photo courtesy of United Ability

Here is our interview with Laura and Chris Davis.

Bham Now: Tell us why United Ability programs are important for your family and the community?

Laura Davis: The United Ability programs are so important to families who have children and adults with disabilities. The Ability Clinic provides a source of hope and support to families. As a parent of a daughter who has Down syndrome, therapy was everything to us! I feel like Grace is where she is today because we had her in therapy six days a week when she was little. It paid off. Not only do these programs provide physical therapy for children, they provide mental therapy for parents.

Chris Davis: That’s right. It was so nice to talk to other parents who were in the same situation you were in and walking the walk with you. We learned so much from the therapist but also from other parents. The other great part about the Ability Clinic is that you get everything done in one place. The evaluation, pain management, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and care coordination all in one spot-that is HUGE for a parent!

Bham Now: Tell us a little about Grace and how she enriches your life.

Laura Davis: Grace is the JOY of our lives!! She has a gift of putting a smile on someone’s face EVERY day!! When Grace was two weeks old, we were given some very depressing news. The geneticist told us Grace might not ever talk, walk, read a book or have any friends. I would love to talk to that doctor today and tell her what all Grace has achieved so far. Chris and I never dreamed when Grace was born that she would go to college when she graduated high school.

Chris Davis: Grace says she is going and we are going to help her get there!

United Ability
Photo of Grace Davis by her mother Laura Davis

Laura Davis: She also tried out for cheerleading and has been the Spirit Girl with the Vestavia cheerleaders for four years. We would not change a thing about Grace. God made her perfect in every way and Chris and I are blessed to be her parents. I would love to tell every new mom out there that has a child with a disability….that child will change your life for the better. We definitely have had our challenges, but I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Grace has taught us so much more than we will ever teach her. She has also taught her two brothers a lot. They are so compassionate for others and I believe having Grace as a sister gave them that gift. They are awesome with her. We thank God every day for our family.

You can make a difference.

On April 27, celebrate United Ability Day with the Davis family by wearing the United Ability t-shirt to support United Ability’s efforts to help individuals with disabilities dream new dreams.

The shirts are $20 a piece, which all goes directly to fund United Ability’s programs and mission of empowering individuals of all abilities to lead full and meaningful lives.

United Ability has created a website that you can use to submit your orders instead of mailing in an order form. If you have any questions, please contact David Barry at dbarry@unitedability.org or (205) 944-3916.

Remember: All shirts need to be purchased and ordered by April 20th.

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