Vulcan Park and Museum brings history to life with exciting educational programs


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Who doesn’t love Vulcan? Birmingham’s famous Iron Statue serves many roles. He’s a watcher over the city, a symbol of growth and prosperity, and a tourist attraction unlike any other. But there’s more to Vulcan Park and Museum than meets the eye.

A Different Type of Classroom

One of the many facets of Vulcan Park and Museum is their educational program. They are committed to engaging Birmingham’s youth in a fun and exciting way while indulging them in the wonders of Birmingham and American History.

Teachers, listen up. Vulcan is the perfect location to take your class on a field trip. There are an array of different options available to make sure your class has the best day EVER. Sure, some of your kids may have been to Vulcan before. But trust me, they’ve never seen it like this.

One option is to have your class participate in guided tours of the Vulcan Museum. The tours are specifically designed for your class grade level, and the content aligns with the Alabama Course of Study. Your students can learn about early family life in Birmingham, local history milestones, immigration, and some of the major world-changing events that have taken place here.

The best part? Field trips only cost $5/student and $5/chaperone. And teachers get in FREE!

The Museum Comes to Life

Maybe you’re wanting a little more than a guided tour for your students. Well, Vulcan has you covered. They offer an incredible program called Anything is Possible for students in grades 3-12. In this program, the galleries of Vulcan Museum come to life! Students see live theatrical performances depicting the lives of some of Birmingham’s most important figures, including John Milner, James MacKnight, Giuseppe Moretti and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This unique experience only costs $7/student and chaperone and again, teachers are admitted FREE! Email for more info.

The History Comes to YOUR Classroom

Now, this program is SUPER cool. Vulcan Park and Museum offers the Birmingham History on the Road program to engage students in a fun and exciting way! Historical figures come to life inside your own classroom as professional actors perform an exciting and educational theatrical piece.

The actors perfectly portrayed Dr. Washington and Dr. Du Bois. Photo by Hunter Drinkard for Bham Now

I was lucky enough to attend a performance of their newest production, Washington and Dubois: Two Opinions, One Goal at Pizitz Middle School last week. It was incredible to see over 400 students listening so intently to the riveting performance.

All eyes were glued to the riveting performance. Photo by Hunter Drinkard for Bham Now

The performance finds the audience looking into the afterlife, where Booker T. Washington and W. E. B Du Bois find themselves in front of the judges of history (the audience). They debate their differing views on race in America and their approaches to racial equality. The piece is jam packed with historical information, but you wouldn’t even know it! The actors so whole-heartedly embodied the characters that I couldn’t look away!

W. E. B. Du Bois makes his entrance into the afterlife. Photo by Hunter Drinkard for Bham Now

After the performance, students were given the opportunity to ask questions about the history behind the piece as well as acting in general. A student recalled a horrific story about racially incited violence mentioned in the play. “Is it true?,” she asked. “Did that really happen to that poor man?”.

A 6th grader at Pizitz Middle School asks about the history behind the performance. Photo by Hunter Drinkard for Bham Now

It’s been a while since I have been in a history class. I really appreciated this performance, because I didn’t even realize I was learning! Vulcan Park and Museum’s Birmingham History on the Road program is the perfect way to engage your students in a new and exciting educational platform.

So, what are you waiting for! Start planning your field trip now!

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