Trussville’s revitalization project has officially begun: here’s what’s opening!

Birmingham, Trussville, Great Harvest Bread Co., bakeries, Trussville revitalization project, downtown Trussville
Great Harvest Bread Co. and Trussville Power and Associates finalizing renovation details for GHB. Photo via Facebook.

Big things are happening in Trussville this year as the city undergoes a huge revitalization project.

Via a public-private partnership, Trussville’s downtown is being redeveloped into a walkable, more attractive and family-friendly entertainment destination. After months of talk, the first phase of the city revamp has officially begun.

So what’s opening?

Great Harvest Bread Co.

You may have heard of Great Harvest Bread Co. – a franchise which originated in Montana in 1976. Chances are, though, you haven’t been to one in Alabama in a very long time. Well you’ll soon be able to, thanks to David and Jennifer Snyder, who are bringing this delicious dining spot to Trussville.

Birmingham, Trussville, Great Harvest Bread Co., Trussville revitalization project, downtown Trussville
David Snyder, owner of Great Harvest Bread Co. opening in Trussville. Photo via Facebook.

Great Harvest Bread Co., often referred to as “Bread Heaven”, is known for making everything from scratch daily. Their specialty – baked goods, soups and sandwiches.

David and Jennifer Snyder have lived in Trussville for over nine years and are excited for this new business adventure.

“My wife and I want to support our community by promoting a healthy lifestyle,” said David. “We are excited by the growth potential we see here in Trussville and are excited to be a part of the revitalization project.”

One of the main goals of GHB is to keep their ingredients as local as possible. To do this, they will connect with other businesses in the area. One, in particular, being Slag Heap Brewery, which is also currently preparing to open right across the street from GHB.

With help from a Slag Heap brew, GHB can make their bacon cheddar beer bread a truly local menu item.

Speaking of bread, the breads that will be served at GHB are what David is most excited about.

“Anyone can make a sandwich and so much focus is put on the meat… or the peanut butter and jelly,” said David, “but when you think about it, what makes the sandwich is the bread… and I believe once others taste our fresh bread, they too will agree this is their favorite menu item.”

GHB will serve a huge variety of breads. They’ll have staples like honey whole wheat, white, a multi-grain and a cinnamon chip. They will also offer fun seasonal breads, such as a cranberry-orange, popeye and more.

Other items from GHB include: scones, cinnamon rolls, Savannah bars, multi-grain and multi-seed bars, cookies, muffins, teacakes, specialty breads, sandwiches, salads and soups.

Address: 218 Main Street, Trussville, AL 35173

Birmingham, Trussville, Great Harvest Bread Co, bakeries, Trussville revitalization project
Great Harvest Bread Co. preparing for opening in Trussville.
Slag Heap Brewing Company

Slag Heap Brewing Company is a pretty new kid on the block in terms of breweries in the greater Birmingham area, and it is also one of the newest businesses set to open in Trussville in 2018.

Slag Heap Brewery will open in Trussville’s former ice plant – a 22,000-square-foot space.

Birmingham, Trussville, Slag Heap, Slag Heap Brewing Company, Slag Heap Brewery, distillery
Equipment is in at Slag Heap Brewery in Trussville. Photo via Slag Heap Brewery’s Facebook page.

Here’s the low-down on Slag Heap – aside from having a company name that is incredibly fun to say over and over again!

Slag Heap Brewing was founded in 2015 and produces artisanal hand-crafted beers. Their special brews have earned some pretty great street cred too.

They won the 3rd Annual, Heart of Dixie Open, Home Brew Competition People’s choice in 2016. They also placed 2nd in the IPA category with their At My Wit’s End white IPA and 3rd in the German Ale category with their Slag Heap’s Weizenbock, Heart of Dixie homebrew contest at Good People Brewing Co.

Address: 227 Main Street, Trussville, AL 35173

Photo via Slag Heap Brewerys Facebook page.
Edgar’s Bakery

Edgar’s Bakery is another business that’s opening soon in Trussville. And chances are, you are already a fan of this well-known bakery.

Edgar’s was originally founded in 1998 in Birmingham by Terry and Dottie Smith. Ever since, it has been noted as Birmingham’s premier bakery in publications such as Birmingham News and Birmingham Weekly.

Birmingham, Trussville, Edgar's Bakery, bakeries
Decisions are being made for the opening of Edgar’s Bakery in Trussville. Photo via Facebook.

The newest Edgar’s Bakery in Trussville will be the eighth location that Terry and Dottie have opened.

Why Trussville?

The couple has stated that Trussville has been the number one place their customers have requested they open a location.

Though best known across the Southeast for their delicious cakes, they also sell an array of baked goods, like cookies, muffins, cheese straws, breads and more.

Edgar’s also serves breakfast and lunch items. A lunchtime favorite is the Sonoma chicken salad sandwich, which features toasted pecans and dried cranberries.

Address: 156 Main Street, Trussville, AL 35173

Birmingham, Trussville, Edgar's Bakery, bakeries, downtown Trussville, Trussville revitalization project
Edgar’s Bakery being built in downtown Trussville.

Great Harvest Bread Co., Slag Heap Brewing and Edgar’s Bakery are just the first three businesses to begin construction in Trussville’s downtown revamp, but more are to come, including Melt and Common House. There will also be a city stage and pavilion, which will serve as an outdoor venue for various events and gatherings, located on the edge of Pinchgut Creek and the railroad tracks. Here there will be even more restaurants and breweries.

For more on the revamp of downtown Trussville, stay tuned.

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