Where to find the hot BHM branded items by Aviate around Birmingham


Still looking for that perfect, unique holiday gift? Aviate accessories are in demand. Read on to see where you can get these special Birmingham-inspired wardrobe items.

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But, seriously

The BHM Aviate hat is so much more than a baseball cap! Trust me. I asked the experts. 

Up, up and away with Aviate

A locally-inspired, casual accessory continues to be one of those must-have items for the trendsetters in your life.

You can thank our collective obsession with the athleisure trend that’s driving clothing sales this holiday season.

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In addition, Aviate carries different hat styles, like the corduroy lid featured below. Looks pretty cozy with that scarf!

You can find Aviate items all over the Birmingham-Metro area, no matter what part of town you’re navigating.

Here’s the scoop on local establishments currently carrying the Aviate brand:

Aviate, Biringham, Alabama

Shop Aviate

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  • At Gus Mayer, modern style is the name of the game and that includes everyday looks with an edge.

“We carry accessories like Aviate’s BHM hats to complement a casual style with a local twist,” said Nancy Goldberg, Gus Mayer buyer .

“It’s a part of the fashionable athleisure trend of mixing active wear into your wardrobe. Cool but functional, this trend is here to stay, and everyone needs a great baseball cap to top off this look.”

Aviate, Remon's, The Summit, Birmingham, Alabama

One thing Remon’s is known for? Perfecting your game-day look. Check out their selection of Aviate hats!

Birmingham, Alabama, Aviate, hat, BHM

Hold up!

Have you heard of Athleisure?

Yep, it’s a thing and has been for a while. Clothes and accessories in this category are great for exercise, travel and everyday life.

While these wardrobe pieces pair perfectly with activities, the key is that they’re stylish, too.

“It accommodates all of us that are on the go. To be able to mix comfort with style is key, and Aviate meets those expectations,” Said Katherine Sparks, women’s buyer for the Pants Store.

“Throw on a BHM hat with your trendy workout leggings and high-top wedge sneakers, and you are stylishly ready to conquer the day!”

  • Revelator Coffee keeps those BHM baseball caps in stock! If you’re buying a treat for yourself or a coffee lover, I mean, you might as well get that cap while you’re at it.

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  • The Pants Store makes shopping for Aviate products easy. You can visit them in person at their Mountain Brook or Trussville location, or you can shop for Aviate via the Pants Store website.

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Not just Birmingham

 Don’t forget you can find Aviate’s newest products online!

Their website features all of their releases. So, once you’ve gotten your baseball cap fix, you can check out their newest toboggans and shirts, too.

A toboggan suitable for all your whereabouts this winter ❄️

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One more thing

While Aviate started with the airport-code inspired BHM cap, they also carry products for lots of other cities outside of Alabama.

Yep, your out-of-town stylish friends and family can be just as fashionable as you are.

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